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[PERC301] Hugh I (born c.936), Vicomte de Chateaudun, Archbishop of Tours, married Hildegarde de Blois (daughter of [BLOI301] Thibaut I Theobald, see HOUSE OF BLOIS).

[PERC311] Geoffrey (born c.966), Vicomte de Chateaudun, married [MAIP302] Helvise/Elisabeth (daughter of Count Fulk of Corbon Mortagne, see MAINE COUNTY). He was also Seigneur de Mortagne, Nogent, Gallardon & Illiers. He was murdered at Chartres (1039).

[PERC331] Rotrou I (born c.1000), Vicomte de Chateaudun, and Count of Mortagne in Perche, married [c.1025] [DAMF332] Adelise d'Alencon (born c.1005, see BELLEME COUNTY). He died 1st March 1080.

[CHAD341] Hughes III (son of Rotrou & Adeline), succeeded his father as Vicomte de Chateaudun (1080). See CHATEAUDUN (2) below for further details.

[PERC341] Geoffrey II (born c.1025, son of Rotrou & Adeline) married [MOND363] Beatrice (5th child of Count Hilduin IV, see MONTDIDIER COUNTY). He fought at the Battle of Hastings (1066), was Count of Perche (1079-1100), and died at Nogent-le-Rotrou Castle (October 1100).

[PERC351] Matilda (daughter of Geoffrey) married 1. [COMB351] Vicomte Raymond I (see TURENNE COUNTY); then 2. Guy le gros de Lastour.

[PERC352] Marguerite (daughter of Geoffrey) married [WARW351] Earl Henry (see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM).

[PERC353] Juliana (daughter of Geoffrey) married [AIGL351] Seigneur Gilbert (see AIGLE).


[CHAD341] Hughes III de Chateaudun (son of [PERC331] Count Rotrou, see CHATEAUDOUN (1) above), succeeded his father as Vicomte de Chateaudun (1080). He married [FRET342] Agnes (see FRETEVAL).

[CHAD351] Geoffrey III, Vicomte de Chateaudun, married FREX352]  Dame Helvise de Mondoubleau (widow, see FRETEVAL). He died at Chartres (12th April 1140).

[CHAD361] Hughes IV, Vicomte de Chateaudun, married Marguerite de Saint-Calais (daughter & heiress of Seigneur Silvestre de Saint-Calais). Hughes died at Chateaudon (1180), and Marguerite died 1201.

[CHAD371] Hughes V, Vicomte de Chateaudun, married [PREG392] Jeanne de Preuilly (born c.1152, daughter of Seigneur Gausbert, see PREUILLY). Hughes died at Chateaudon (c.1190-91), and afterwards Jeanne married 2. Count Robert of Alencon. Jeanne died 1211.

[CHAD381] Geoffroy V (born c.1170), Vicomte de Chateaudun, Seigneur de Mondoubleau, Chateau-du-Loire, Mayet, La Suze & Louplande, married 1. [c.1195] Adela (sister of a Count of Nevers, otherwise unidentified), died 1207; then 2. (c.1207) Alix de Freteval (daughter of Sire Ursion II de Freteval & Gricie de Fay).

[CHAD391] Geoffroy VI (born c.1195, son of Geoffroy V & Adele), Vicomte de Chateaudun, married 1. Mabilie; then 2. [ROCS393] Clemence des Roches (widow of Count Thibaut VI of Blois, and daughter of William des Roches, see ROCHES). He died at Chateaudun (6th February 1249-50).

[CHAD402] Jeanne (daughter of Geoffrey & Clemence) married 1. (before March 1248) Count Jean I de Montfort l'Amaury; then 2. (after1251) [BRI2402] Jean de Brienne d'Acre (see BRIENNE COUNTY).