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[PERX331] William I de Percy (born c.1034, son of [PERO321] Geoffrey de Percy, see PERCY-EN-AUGE), Baron of Topcliffe. At the Domesday Survey, William was a tenant-in-chief, especially in Yorkshire, but also in Lincolnshire. He married [PORT352] Emma de Port (daughter of Baron Hugh of Basing, Sheriff of Hampshire, see PORT), and in her right held Hambledon (Hants). Her dower also included land in Isleham and Snailwell (Cambs). He went on the 1st Crusade and died in Palestine (1096).

[PERX341] Alan I the great (eldest son & heir of William), Baron of Topcliffe, married [GANT353] Emma (daughter of Gilbert, see GANT). Her dower included land in Ganton, Staxton and Wold Newton, (Yorks), and presumably Horkstow (Lincs). He died 1130-35.

[PERX351] William II de Percy (eldest son & heir of Alan), Baron of Topcliffe, married 1. (before 1136) [HERT453] Adeliza de Tonbridge (daughter of Richard de Clare, see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM). William was present at the Battle of the Standard (22nd August 1138). Adeliza died some time prior to c.1164-66, when William then married 2. Sibyl (daughter of Philip, see VALOGNES), and widow of Robert de Ros see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY, who died c.1163. William died 1175, and his barony was divided between the husbands of his two daughters, as in the meantime his only legitimate son Alan II had died. Afterwards Sibyl (who had dower in Leconfield and Nafferton, Yorks) married 3. Ralph d' Aubigny (who died at Acre c.1191), and she was living in 1212.

[PERX362] Agnes de Percy ([born c.1136], daughter & coheir of William II & Adeliza) married (1154-61) [PERZ361] Jocelin (see LOUVAIN, and see JOCELIN's LINE below.

[PERX363] Maud de Percy (born at Catton near Stamford Bridge, eldest daughter & coheir of William II & Adeliza) married (before 1175) William, 3rd Earl of Warwick (see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). Maud died 1202-04.


[PERZ361] Jocelin de Louvain (born c.1121, son of [LOUV359] DUKE GODFREY, see LOUVAIN), and half-brother-in-law to King Henry I) married (1154-61) [PERX362] Agnes de Percy (see PERCY above). He was granted the Honour of Petworth (Sussex), c.1150, becoming Lord Petworth. He died 1179-80, and Agnes died 1201-04.

[PERZ372] Maud ([born c.1155], daughter of Jocelin de Louvain) married [DAIV441] John (see DEIVILLE).

[PERZ371] Henry de Percy (son of Jocelin de Louvain), Lord of Petworth, took the surname Percy (1190), and from him stemmed the PERCY line and eventually the Dukes of Northumberland. Henry married (c.1188) [BRUS372] Isabel de Brus (born c.1174, daughter of Adam II de Brus, see SKELTON LORDSHIP). He died c.1197-98, and Isabel afterwards married 2. Roger Mauduit.

[PERZ381] William III de Percy (elder son & heir of Henry, born c.1191-93) married 1. [BRIG464] Joan Briwere (daughter of William, see BRIGUERRE), with whom he held land in Leicestershire and Somerset; then 2. Ellen de Balliol (daughter of Ingram [Enguerrand] de Balliol), with whom he held Dalton in Hartness (co. Durham) which afterwards acquired the name Dalton Piercy. William had five daughters by Joan, and six sons by Ellen. He died 1245.

[PERZ392] Ada de Percy (daughter of William & Joan) married [DARE461] William Darell of Sessay (see DARELL).