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Recommended reading included: ""The Cambridge History of Iran", Vol. 3, (CUP, 1983), pp. 116 et seq.


 [PERP201] Artaxerxes I, Shah of Persia (465-425BCE), married 1. ---; then 2. ---; then 3. ---; then 4. [BAEY202] Andria (daughter of Nebuchadnezzar IV, see BABYLONIA EMPIRE).

[PERP212] Parysatis (daughter of Artaxerxes I & Andria) married her half-brother, [PERP211] Shah Darius II nothus of Persia, see below.

 [PERP211] Darius II nothus (son of PERP111] Artaxerxes by unstated wife), Shah of Persia (423-404BCE) married [PERP212] Parysatis (daughter of Shah Artaxerxes, see above).

 [PERP221] Artaxerxes II, Shah of Persia (404-359BCE), married 1. ---; then 2. ---; then 3. ---; then 4. Aspasia.

 [PERP232] Apama (daughter of Artaxerxes & Aspasia) married [DASK231] Satrap Pharnabazus (see DASKALYTIS SATRAPS).


also known as Pars, modern Fars

[PERS211] Guschtasp Dara of Persis.

[PERS221] Ishfandiar Behafrid of Persis.

[PERS231] Bahram of Persis married Rachab (born c.152CE, daughter of Pinchas of Judea).

[PERS241] Sasan II of Persia, High Priest of the Temple at Istakhr in Persis, married Ram Behest of Persis (daughter of Gozhir, the ruling Parthian Khshathra Pavan [=Governor] of Pars).

[PERS251] Papak/Babak II of Persia, King of Persis (c.208-c.222), married Rodak/Dinak of Persis. Continued below.


(also Sassanian)

[PERS261] Ardashir, King of Persia (224-40), married [PART212] Ziyanak Arakuni (daughter of King Artabanos IV Arhakuni of Media, see PARTHIA).

[PERS271] Shapur I, King of Persia (240-72), married Gurdzad of Persia.

[PERS281] Narseh, King of Persia (293-302), King of Armenia.

[PERS291] Hormizd II, Shah of Persia (302-09), married [KUSH292] Ifra Homiz of Seistan (daughter of King Vasudeva IV of Kabul, see KUSHANS KINGDOM).

[PERS301] Shapur II the Great, Shah of Persia (309-79), married Sithil-Horak of the Kushans.

[PERS312] --- (unnamed daughter of Shapur II) married [PART241] King Khusraw (Chosroes) III the short of Armenia (see PARTHIA (ARMENIA)).

[PERS311] Shapur III, Shah of Persia (383-88, son of Shapur II)), married [PART272] --- (unnamed daughter of King Arsak II of Armenia, see PARTHIA (ARMENIA)).

[PERS321] Yazdegerd izdigerdis [=made by god], Shah of Persia (399-420, abdicated), married [BAB2592] Sashandukht Galutha (daughter of Exilarch Nathan II Ha-David, see BABYLONIAN EXILARCHS - SECOND DYNASTY).

[PERS331] Bahram V gaur [the wild ass], Shah of Persia (420-38), married [GUPT332] Sapinud of Magadha (see GUPTA EMPIRE).

[PERS341] Yazdegerd II, Shah of Persia (438-57), married Dinak of Persia.

[PERS352] Hormizd III (elder son of Yazdegerd), Shah of Persia (457-59), was killed by his brother Peroz (459).

 [PERS362] Balendukht (daughter of Hormizd III) married [IBEX151] King Vakhtang I of Iberia (see IBERIA KINGDOM).

[PERS351] Firuz/Peroz I (younger son of Yazdegerd), Shah of Persia (459-84), married Mihrandukht of Iberia. He was defeated by the White Huns and slain together with his army (484).

[PERS361] Kavad I aka Kobad (born 449), succeeded his deposed and blinded uncle Balash, to become Shah of Persia (488-96 deposed). He was incarcerated in the "Castle of Oblivion at Susiana", but later escaped, and afterwards managed to regain his throne (498), punishing his opponents. He married Newandukht of the Hephthalites. He was Shah of Persia again (498-531). He died at the age of 82 (September 531).

[PERS371] Khosrow/Khusrau I the just (born c.500), Shah of Persia (531-79), married 1. ---; then 2. [TETA372] Kayen of Tetalatsik (see TETALATSIK).

[PERS381] Hormizd IV (born c.530, son of Khosrow & Kayen), Shahanshah [King of Kings] of Persia (579-90), married --- of the Hephthalites (daughter of Khurad of the Hephthalites). When he ascended the throne (579), he killed his brothers. During an insurrection against Hormizd, the Magistrates deposed and blinded him, and he was subsequently killed.

[PERS391] Khusrow/Khusrau II parvez [=the victorious] (born c.560), Shah of Persia (590-628), married 1.. Mariam of Byzantium; then 2. Sirin of the Hephthalites. He was murdered by his son Kavadh (628).

[PERS402] --- (unnamed daughter of Khusrow/Khusrau, mother not known), Princess of Persia, married [SION401] Prince Gregor of Siounie (see SIOUNIE).

[PERS401] Kavhadh Sharijar (born c.585, son of Khusrow & Sirin), Prince of Persia, died 628.

[PERS411] Yazdegerd III Sassanid (born c.615, son of Kavhadh Sharijar, and grandson of Khusrow), Shah of Persia (632-51), the last Shah of the Sassanid dynasty. He was ousted by invading Arabs (c.636), and fled east into China. He was eventually killed for his purse in China by a miller (651).

[PERS422] Izdundad/Izdadwar Sassanid (born c.640, daughter of Yazdegerd III), Princess of Persia, married [BAB3689] Exilarch Bostanai (see BABYLON EXILARCHS - THIRD DYNASTY).