Revised 10/03/2021



[PLAI411] --- de Plaiz married Golda of Barnham (born c.1010, of Barnham, Sussex).

[PLAI421] Hugh de Plaiz (born, c.1040, of Barnham & Iford).

[PLAIZ432] Helewisa de Plaiz (born c.1075) married [HUNS431] Ralph FitzHerlewin de Hunstanton, see HUNSTANTON)

[PLAI431] Ralph de Plaiz (born c.1067, of Barnham & Iford).

[PLAI441] Hugh de Plaiz (born c.1095, of Weeting-with-Broomhill Nfk & Feltwell Nfk).

[PLAI451] Ralph de Plaiz (born c.1125, of Toftrees Nfk & Little Walsingham Nfk).

[PLAI461] Ralph de Plaiz (of Buckenham Tofts, Swaffham Nfk).

[PLAI471] Sir Hugh de Plaiz, married 1. [FICH453] Philippa of Mountfichet (born c.1195, daughter of [FICH441] Sir Richard Mountfichet, 4th Baron of Stansted, see MONTFICHET, she died 1234); then 2. Alice ---.

[PLAI481] Sir Richard de Plaiz (born c.1230, at Chelsworth, son of Hugh & Philippa), married Joan.

[PLAI491] Giles de Plaiz (born c.1269, of Fulmere, Cambs), 1st Baron Plaiz, married Joan. Giles died by 1302.

[PLAI501] Richard de Plaiz (born 1st August 1290, son of Giles), 2nd Baron Plaiz, married Margaret St. Philbert. Richard died August 1327.

[PLAI511] Giles de Plaiz (born c.1320, 1st son of Richard), 3rd Baron Plaiz, died 16th July 1334.

[PLAI512] Richard de Playz (born at Chelsworth, Sfk, 21st September 1323, 2nd son of Richard), 4th Baron Plaiz, married Margaret. Richard died October 1360. 

[PLAI521] John de Plaiz (born at Chelsworth, Sfk), 5th Baron Plaiz, married 1. Margaret de Norwich (daughter of Sir Walter de Norwich), died at Fowlmere, Cambs; then 2. [STAP522] Joan de Stapleton (born c.1351, daughter of [STAP511] Sir Miles de Stapleton, see STAPLETON). Joan died 2nd September 1385 at Swaffham and John died 2nd June 1389 at Stansted Mountfichet.

[PLAI532] Margaret de Plaiz (born 1366, daughter of 5th Baron John de Plaiz and his 2nd wife Joan), married [HOWA531] Sir John Howard of Wiggenhall (see HOWARD).