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[POLY531] Thomas Poley m1. [GISL532] Mawde Gislingham
. [POLY541] Richard Poley m. [BLYA542] Margaret Blyant
. . [POLY551] Simon Poley m. [ALCO552] Margerye Alcokes
. . . [POLY561] Henry Poley m. [GEDD562] Constance Gedding
. . . . [POLY571] Edmund Poley m. [GARN572] Myrabel Garneys
. . . . . [POLY582] Margaret Delapole m. [KNAP581] Robert Knapp

[POLY531] Thomas Poley (born c.1345), esquire of Codreth (Herts), married 1. [GISL532] Mawde (daughter and heiress of John of Gislingham, see GISLINGHAM). Thomas Poley later moved to Boxsted (Suffolk). After Maude died, Thomas married 2. Anne (daughter & heir of Thomas Badwell of Boxsted). Thomas died 1414.

[POLY541] Richard Poley (son of Thomas & Maude), of the Manor of Woodhall in Stoke Ash (Suffolk), said to have married (c.1405) [BLYA542] Margaret (eldest daughter of Simon Blyant of Thornham by Stoke Ash, see BLYANT). Margaret died c.1433, and Richard died at Stoke Ash c.1438.

[POLY551] Simon Poley (born c.1408) married (c.1438) [ALCO552] Margerye (daughter & coheir of Edmond Alcokes, see ALCOCK), thereby acquiring Badley Manor (Suffolk). Margerye died 13th October 1485, and Simon died 5th February 1491-92.

[POLY561] Henry Poley (born c.1439), of Badley Manor, married (c.1480) [GEDD562] Constance (born c.1453, daughter & heir of William Gedding, see GEDDING). Henry died (after 1511) and Constance then married 2. John Allen, Baron of the Exchequer.

[POLY571] Edmund Poley (born c.1486, son of Henry & Constance), a gentleman of Badley Manor, married (c.1510) [GARN572] Myrabel Garneys (see GARNEYS). Edmund died 31st December 1548. Myrabel was buried at Badley (25th February 1553 [or 1558]).

[POLY582] Margaret Delapole (daughter of Edmund) married [KNAP581] Robert Knapp (see KNAPP).