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along the south coast of the Black Sea, in present-day Turkey


[MITH101] King Mithridates I of Pontus m. ?
. [MITH111] King Ariobarzenes of Pontus m. ?
. . [MITH121] King Mithridates II of Pontus m. ?
. . . [MITH131] King Mithridates III of Pontus m. [SYRI122] Princess Laodice of Syria
. . . . [MITH143] Laodice of Pontus m. [SYRI131] King Antiochus III megas of Syria
. . . . [MITH141] King Pharnaces I of Pontus m. [SYRI142] Princess Nysa of Syria
. . . . . [MITH151] King Mithridates V of Pontus m. [SYRI155] Princess Leodice of Syria
. . . . . . [MITH163] Pythodoris of Pontus m. [COMG171] King Samos II Theosebes Dikaios of Commagene
. . . . . . [MITH165] Princes Laodice of Pontus m. [MITH161] King Mithridates VI
. . . . . . [MITH164] King Mithridates VI of Pontus m4. [ATHA162] Cleopatra of Athamania
. . . . . . . [MITH172] Cleopatra of Pontus m. [ARMX182] King Tigranes II of Armenia
. . . . . . [MITH163] King Mithridates VI of Pontus m3. [CAPP162] Princess Stratonice of Cappadocia
. . . . . . . [MITH173] Stratonice of Pontus m. [GALP091] King Deiotarus of Galatia & Pontus
. . . . . . [MITH162] King Mithridates VI of Pontus m2. [BOSS162] Princess Komosarye of Bosphorus
. . . . . . . [MITH171] King Pharnaces II of Pontus & Bosphorus m. ?
. . . . . . . . [MITH182] Dynamis of Pontus m1. [BOSP131] King Asander of Bosphorus
. . . . . . [MITH161] King Mithridates VI m1. [MITH165] Princes Laodice of Pontus
. . . . . . . [MITH174] --- of Pontus m. [CAPK421] Archelaos

[MITH101] Mithridates I, Prince of Cius (302-281BCE), 1st King of Pontus (296-266BCE).

[MITH111] Ariobarzenes, King of Pontus (266-256BCE).

[MITH121] Mithridates II, King of Pontus (256-220BCE).

[MITH131] Mithridates III (son of Mithridates II), King of Pontus (220-185BCE), married [SYRI122] Princess Laodice of Syria (daughter of King Antiochus II of Syria, see SYRIA KINGDOM).

[MITH143] Laodice (daughter of Mithridates III) married [SYRI131] King Antiochus III megas of Syria (see SYRIA KINGDOM).

[MITH142] Mithridates IV (son of Mithridates III) was King of Pontus (155-150).

[MITH141] Pharnaces I (son of Mithridates III), King of Pontus (185-155BCE), married [SYRI142] Princess Nysa of Syria (daughter of King Antiochus III of Syria, see SYRIA KINGDOM).

[MITH151] Mithridates V euergetes (son of Pharnaces I), succeeded his uncle as King of Pontus (150-121BCE). He married [SYRI155] Princess Laodice (daughter of King Antiochus IV of Syria, see SYRIA KINGDOM). After Mithridates died (121BCE), his widow ruled as regent Queen Laodice jointly with her son Mithridates VI until her death (115BCE).

[MITH163] Pythodoris (born c.150BCE, daughter of Mithridates II) married [COMG171] King Samos II of Commagene (see COMMAGENE).

[MITH169] Mithridates VI eupator [good father] dionysius megas [the great], King of Pontus (121-63BCE), King of Bosphorus (107-81 & 65-63BCE). During his minority his mother, Queen Laodice, was Regent of Pontus until he eventually deposed and imprisoned her (c.115BCE), and removed many of his rivals, including some of his brothers. He married 1. his sister [MITH165] Princess Laodice (for political reasons). At some point he married 2. [BOSS162] Princess Komosarye (daughter of King Pairisades V of Bosphorus, see BOSPHORUS KINGDOM); then 3. [CAPP162] Stratonice (daughter of King Ariarathes V eusebes philopator of Cappadocia, see CAPPADOCIA KINGDOM; then 4. [ATHA162] Cleopatra (daughter of Alexander VII, see ATHAMANIA). The order of his (at least) 10 wives is not known. Mithridates was forced to commit suicide by his son King Pharnaces II.

[MITH172] Cleopatra (daughter of Mithridates VI & Cleopatra) married [ARMX182] Tigranes II the great of Armenia, see ARTACES.

[MITH173] Stratonice (daughter of Mithridates VI & Stratonice) married [GALP091] Deiotarus of Galatia & Pontus (see GALATIA & PONTUS KINGDOM).

[MITH174] --- (daughter of Mithridates VI & his sister Laodice) married [CAPK421] Archelaos (see CAPPADOCIA KINGDOM).

[MITH171] Pharnaces II (son of Mithridates VI & Komosarye), King of Pontus (63-47BCE), and was also granted the Kingdom of Bosphorus by the Roman General Pompey. Later during a short battle at Zela with Julius Caesar. Of this battle, Caesar afterwards wrote to a friend in Rome the immortal words Vini, Vidi, Vici, (I came, I saw, I conquered). He died shortly afterwards in a skirmish, either killed in battle or else captured and executed (the contemporary historians disagree).

[MITH182] Dynamis (daughter of Pharnaces II) married  King Asander of Bosphorus (see BOSPHORUS KINGS.


[ZENO171] Zeno of Laodicea m. ?
. [ZENO181] King Polemo I of Pontus & Bosphorus m. [NYSA182] Princess Antonia Pythadoris
. . [ZENO192] Princess Antonia Tryphaena of Pontus m. [THRA241] King Cotys IV of Thebes

[ZENO171] Zeno of Laodicea.

[ZENO181] Polemo I, King of Pontus & Bosphorus, married 1. (c.13BCE) [NYSA188] Princess Antonia Pythadoris (see NYSA). Afterwards Queen Antonia Pythadoris married 2. (c.8BCE) [CAPK451] King Archelaos of Cappadocia (see CAPPADOCIA KINGDOM).

[ZENO192] Antonia Tryphaena (daughter of Polemo I), Princess of Pontus, married [THRA241] King Cotys IV of Thebes (see THEBES).