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(Saint-Jean-le-Thomas (Manche))

[JOHN331] Ralph St. John (born at St. John, Normandy, c.1048).

[JOHN341] Ralph St. John.

[JOHN351] Roger de St. John (born 1095) married [HAYE432] Cecily de la Haye (daughter of Robert de la Haye, see DE LA HAYE). He died 1130.

[JOHN362] Muriel de St. John (born c.1125, only daughter of Roger) married [ORVI361] Reynold de Orville (see ORVILLE below).

[JOHN363] Maud de Port (said to be daughter of Roger) married [PORT361] John de Port (see below).


[ORVI361] Reynold de Orville/Auraville (born at Halnaker, c.1125) married Muriel de St. John (only daughter of Roger de St. John, see ST. JOHN above).

[ORVI372] Mabel de Orville (born 1153, daughter & heiress of Reynold) married Adam de Port (see PORT below).


[PORT341] Sir Hugh de Port (born at Calvados, 1054), Sheriff of Hampshire, married Orenge. He later became a monk, and died at Basing (1096).

[PORT352] Emma de Port (daughter of Hugh, married [PERX331] William I de Percy (born c.1034, see PERCY).

[PORT351] Henry de Port (born 1079, son & heir of Hugh), Sheriff of Hampshire (1105), married Hawise. He died 1133.

[PORT365] Henry de Port (born c.1099, son of [PORT451] Henry).

[PORT375] Ethelreda de Port (born c.1125, daughter of [PORT365] Henry), married [PICP451] Ralph Picot (born c.1110, see SAYE OF CLUN).

[PORT361] John de Port (born at Basing, Hants, 1117, 3rd but 1st surviving son of [PORT351] Henry) married [JOHN363] Maud (daughter of Roger St John by Cecily de la Hay, see ST. JOHN above). John died 1168, survived by Maud.

[PORT371] Adam de Port (born 1151, son & heir of John, came of age 1172), Baron Port of Herefordshire, married 1. [ORVI372] Mabel de Orville (born 1153, daughter & heiress of Reginald de Orville, see ORVILLE above, who brought with her Halnaker, Surrey); then 2. Countess Sybil (widow of Earl William of Derby, see DERBY (FERRIERES EARLDOM, and daughter of Lord William of Abergavenny, see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY). He died 1213.

[PORT381] William de Port (born c.1175, son & heir of Adam & Mabel), later taking the name of de St. John from his mother's line. He was Governor of Guernsey and Jersey. He married Godhelde/Godeheut de Peynel (of unknown origin). He died at Halnaker, Sussex, 1239.

"An Official Genealogical Heraldic Baronage of England" (Gerald Paget, typescript, 1957) records: His wife remarried Richard de Lucy, with whom she held the manor of Shifford, Berks, in dower, of the Barony of Basing, (Testa p.124).

"Testa" refers to "The Book of Fees" aka "Testa de Nevill", and the entry records: A.D.1242-43. Ricardus de Lucy et Godheud de Sancto Johanne, uxor eius, tenent manerium de Westsipford' de hereditate Roberti de Sancto Johanne, quod est de baronia sua de Basinges, nec facit scutagium.

Note: Shifford (aka West Sipford) was entered as Scipford in the Domesday Survey.

[PORT392] Godehaut (daughter of William de Port) married 1. William de Ros of North Cray (Kent); then 2. Hugh de Wyndleshores.

In addition, "An Official Genealogical Heraldic Baronage of England" (Gerald Paget, typescript held at the British Library, 1957) shows the following additional child, which is perhaps an error: Lucy, wife of William Ros, of Helmesley (q.v) (Cl.18 Hen. 3 m.30). [See HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY and CLOSE ROLLS 18.]

[PORT391] Robert de St. John of Basing (born c.1199, son of William de Port) married [CAUN473] Agnes de Cantelupe (see ABERGAVENNY (CAUNTELOU) BARONY).

[PORT401] John de St. John of Basing (born 1225, son of Robert de St. John) married (abt. June 1256) [HERZ493] Alice FitzPiers (born c.1234, see HERBERT).

[PORT412] Agnes de St. John (born 1275, daughter of John), married [COUR411] Sir Hugh de Courtenay, see COURTENAY)

[PORT411] Sir John de St. John of Basing (born c.1273, son of John de St. John), 1st Baron St. John of Basing, married [COUR413]  Isabella de Courtenay (born c.1283, daughter of [COUR401] Hugh de Courtenay, see COURTENAY).

[PORT421] Sir Hugh de St. John of Basing (born c.1310, son of John de St. John), 2nd Baron St. John of Basing, married [WAKE512] Maribel Wake (born c.1310, daughter of [WAKE501] Hugh Wake, see WAKE). Afterwards, Maribel married 2. (c.1336-37) [ASPA511] Thomas de Aspale (see ASPALE).