Revised 01/12/2019


(in Indre-et-Loire)

[PREU301] Aton (born c.860), Seigneur de Preuilly, married Emma.

[PREU311] Fulcufe (born 905), Seigneur du Lion et de Mauleon, died 962.

[PREU321] Effroy (born 950), Seigneur de Preuilly, La Roche-Posay et Bossay, married (c.1001) [ISSO322] Beatrice (daughter of [ISSO311] Emenon d'Issoudun & Ademauris). He died 1009

[PREU331] Geoffrey I le martel (born c.980), married Ameline (born c.996).

[PREU342] Paule (daughter of Geoffrey I) married [MAI2301] Count Heribert (see MAINE COUNTY).

[PREU341] Geoffrey II (son of Geoffrey I), Seigneur de Preuilly et La Roche-Posay (c.1030-1062), married [BLOI335] Almodis de Blois (born c.1020, daughter of Count Eudes II, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY). He was killed at Anjou (1062).

[PREB361] Barthelemy de Preuilly [Vendome] (possibly son of Geoffrey II), married Guiburge de Mondoubleau.

[PREB372] Adelaide (daughter of Barthelemy) married [PREG381] Gausbert de Preuilly, see below.

[PREU351] Geoffrey III jourdain de Preuilly (son of Geoffrey I), Baron de Lavardin, Montoire, Ponce et Courtis, married [VEND373] Countess Euphrosyne (born c.1055, daughter of Count Fulk l'Oison, see VENDOME COUNTY (2)), and thereby became Count of Vendome. He was killed in battle at Rama (27th May 1103).

[PREU361] Eschivard I (son of Geoffrey II), Seigneur de Preuilly, et La Roche-Posay, possibly married Entrabe.

[PREU371] Pierre I montrabul (son of Eschivard), Seigneur de Preuilly et La Roche-Posey  (1115-c.1130). He died 1157.

[PREG381] Gosbert de la Gerche (possibly son of Pierre I), Seigneur de Preuilly, married [PREB372] Adelaide (born 1130, daughter of Barthelemy, see above).

[PREG392] Jeanne (born c.1152, daughter of Gosbert) married [CHAD371] Vicomte Hughes V, see CHATEAUDUN (2)).

[PREU381] Pierre II montrabul (son of Pierre I), married Aenor de Mauleon. He died 1204.

[PREU392] Agatha (daughter of Pierre II) married [LUSI391] Hugh IX le brun (see LUSIGNAN).