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[PRO3291] Rotbald I de Agel (of disputed origin, and unlikely to have been the son of  Boson) married [HEBA282] Lady Ermengarde of Aquitaine (daughter of DUKE WILLIAM I, see SEPTIMANIA). He was Count in Provence (903-49), and died 949.

[PRO3301] Boson (son of Rotbald I) married (before 942) [PRO5342] Constantia (presumed daughter of [PRO5332] Count Charles Constantine, but without proof, see PROVENCE KINGDOM). He became Count of Avignon (935) and Count of Arles (949), and died c.966.

[ROTB311] Rotbald II (son of Boson) is dealt with under ROTBALD II, see below.

[PRO3311] William I d'Arles le liberateur (born c.955, son of Boson II) married 1. Arsinde de Comminges (probably daughter of Count Arnaldo of Foix, see COMMINGES); then 2. (c.983) [ANJO304] Adelais/Blanche (born 965, daughter of Count Fulk II, see ANJOU COUNTY), Otto-William was her 3rd husband). William was Count of Arles, Count of Provence (968), March Count of Provence (979), and died 994. Adelais afterwards married 4. (by 1016) Count Otto-William (see BURGUNDY COUNTY). She eventually died 1026.

[PRO3326] Toda (daughter of William I & perhaps Arsinde) married (992) [BESA301] Count Bernat I (see BESALU & CERDANYA COUNTY).

[PRO3322] Blanche/Constance d'Arles (born c.986, daughter of William I & Adelais) married (1002) [CAPE321] King Robert II (see CAPETIAN HOUSE).

[PRO3325] Lucie de Provence (daughter of William I & perhaps Arsinde) married [RAZS361] Arnaud II de Razes (see RAZES).

[PRO3321] William II (son of William I & Adelais) married [BUR3334] Gerberga (daughter of Count Otto-William, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He was Count of Provence (994-1018), and died 1018.

[PRO3331] Foulques Bertrand I (son of William), Count of Provence (1018-51), married [TOUL332] Hildegarde (aka Eveza) de Toulouse (see TOULOUSE COUNTY).Hildegarde died c.1040, and Foulques died 27th April 1051.

[PRO3342] Gerberge (daughter of Foulques Bertrand) married (1058) [PRO2341] Count Gilbert of Provence (see HOUSE OF MILHAUD below).

[PRO3341] William Bertrand (son of Foulques Bertrand), Count of Provence & Forqualquier, married 1. Teresa (daughter of King Ramiro I of Aragon); then 2. [CAMO342] Adelaide de Canavese (see CAMERINO). After William's death, Adelaide married (1068) Bertrand-Rambaud d'Orange.

[PRO3352] Adelaide (daughter of William Bertrand & Adelaide) married [URGE331] Count Armengol IV (see URGELL COUNTY).


[ROTB311] Rotbald II (son of [PRO3301] Boson, see earlier) married Emilde de Gevaudan (probably daughter of Count Etienne I of Gevaudan). He was joint Count of Provence (968-1008), and died 1008.

[ROTB322] Tetberga (daughter of Rotbald II) married [URGE301] Count Armengol I (see URGELL COUNTY).

[ROTB321] Rotbald III (son of Rotbald II), Count of Provence, married (by 1005) Ermengard. He died 1014, and afterwards Ermengard married 2. King Rudolf III of Burgundy. She died c.1032.

[ROTB332] Emma (daughter of Rotbald III) married (c.1019) [TOUL321] Count William taillefer (see TOULOUSE COUNTY).


[PRO2331] Berenger I, Vicomte de Milhaud, married [CARL332] Adyle (daughter & heiress of Vicomte Gilbert II, see CARLAT).

[PRO2341] Gilbert (2nd son of Berenger I) married (1058) [PRO3342] Countess Gerberge of Provence (see HOUSE OF AGEL above). He was Vicomte de Gevaudan and de Carlat, Lodeve and Milhaud, then Count of Provence (1100-08), and died after June 1110. Gerberge died at the end of 1112.

[PRO2352] Dulcia (born c.1095, daughter of Gilbert) married (3rd February 1112) [BARC411] Count Ramon-Berenguer III (see BARCELONA COUNTY). Dulcia was Countess of Provence (1112-31).