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[PRO5281] Richard, Count of Rouen.

[PRO5291] Richard, Count of Amiens, died 825.

[PRO5301] Buvinus de Autun, (probably) Count of Autun, married [PROT309] Richilde (daughter of Count Boson III, see under TURIN LINE below). He died 862, and afterwards Richilde married 2. a much older [SENS281] Thierry de Autun (born c.799, see SENS COUNTY).

[JUST311] Richard (son of Buvinus), Count of Autun, Justiciar of Burgundy, etc, married Adelaide (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF AUTUN) KINGDOM.

[PRO5313] --- (unnamed daughter of Buvinus) married [CHAS301] Count Thierri (see CHALONS COUNTY).

[PRO5314] Richilda d'Italy (daughter of Buvinus) married [CARO269] EMPEROR CHARLES le chauve OF FRANCE, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[PRO5311] Boson V de Provence (son of Buvinus) married 1. ---; then 2. (March 876) [CARO282] Ermengard (born c.859, illegitimate daughter of [CARO271] EMPEROR LOUIS OF FRANCE, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). Boson was lay abbot of St. Maurice d'Agaune (869), Count of Vienne (871), Count of Bourges (872), dux in Italy (876), and King of Provence (879-887). He died at Vienne (11th January 887), and afterwards Ermengarde and their son Louis fled to the court of their uncle, King Charles the fat of France. Charles adopted Louis (June 887), in recognition that he was a grandson of EMPEROR LOUIS. Ermengarde died 896.

[PRO5324] Ermengarde (daughter of King Boson & Ermengard) married [CHAS311] Manasses I le vieux (see CHALONS COUNTY).

[PRO5325] Willa (born 873?, daughter of King Boson, but mother uncertain) married 1. (c.880-85) [BURK321] King Rodolphe I of Burgundy (see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM); then 2. (912) King Hugh of Provence and Italy (see below under TURIN LINE).

[PRO5326] Engelberga (daughter of King Boson & Ermengard) married (c.900) [HEBG291] DUKE WILLIAM I  the pious (see SEPTIMANIA).

[PRO5321] Louis the blind (born 880, son of King Boson & Ermengard) was betrothed (June/July 901) to Anna (born c.882, daughter of EMPEROR LEO VI of BYZANTIUM). However there is no proof that the marriage actually took place. Anna probably died soon afterwards, as her younger half-sister (born 903-04) was also named Anna. It seems probable that instead Louis married (c.902-05) Adelaide (possibly daughter of King Rudolf I of Burgundy). Louis was King of Provence (890-922), EMPEROR (900-01), and King of Italy (900-05, deposed). Louis was blinded by Berengar (905) for breaking his promise never to return to Italy. He retreated to Provence for the remainder of his life. He died at Arles (5th June 928).

[PRO5332] Charles-Constantine (born c.901, son of Louis & Adelaide) married [SENS312] Teutberga (presumably daughter of Count Garnier, see SENS COUNTY). He was Count of Vienne, and died c.962.

[PRO5342] Constantia (presumed daughter of Charles-Constantine) married (before 942) [PRO3301] Count Boson II (see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY).

[PRO5341] Richard de Vienne (born c.922, son of Charles-Constantine), Prince of Provence, died 962.

[PRO5352] Fredeburga de Vienne (born c.950, daughter of Richard) married  [VIE2361] Sire Guigues IV (see VIENNE DAUPHINS).


[PROT271] Boson I, Count of Turin.

[PROT281] Boson II, Count of Turin.

[PROT291] Boson III l'Ancien [=the old] (born c.803), Count of Turin, Count of Arles, Count of Valois, married Engeltrude. He died 855.

[PROT309] Richilde de Arles ([born c.823], daughter of Boson III) married 1. [PRO5301] Count Buvinus (see PROVENCE above); then 2. a much older [SENS281] Thierry d'Autun (born c.799, see SENS COUNTY).

[PROT305] Theutberga de Arles (daughter of Boson III) married (855) [LORL272] King Lothar II of Lotharingia (see LOTHARINGIA KINGDOM).

[PROT301] Hubert (son of Boson II), Count of Valois, DUKE OF TRANSJURANE, killed in battle at Orbe (864).

[PROT311] Theotbald (born c.860), Count of Arles, Count of Provence, married (879-81) [LORL299] Bertha (born 856, daughter of King Lothar II of Lotharingia, see LOTHARINGIA KINGDOM). Theotbald died 895, and afterwards Bertha married 2. (895-98) [TUSC281] Adalbert II, March Count of Tuscany (see TUSCANY MARCH COUNTY). Bertha died March 924-25.

[PROT322] Boson (born c.885, son of Theotbald), Count of Avignon & Vaisin (911-31), Count of Arles (926-31), March Count of Tuscany (931-), married 1. ---; then 2. (c.912) Willa von Burgundy (daughter of King Rudolf I of Burgundy, see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM). The marriage was repudiated in 936.

[PROT333] Willa di Tuscania (born c.912, daughter of Boson, by 1st unnamed wife) married (930-31) [LOM3301] King Berengar of the Lombards and EMPEROR (see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF IVREA) KINGDOM.

[PROT323] Teutberga (daughter of Theotbald) married [SENS301] Count Warner, see SENS COUNTY.

[PROT321] Hugh (born c.880, son of Theotbald), Count of Vienne, King of Provence, King of Italy, had a mistress Wandalmodis; and married 1. (912) Willa de Burgundy (daughter of King Boson V of Provence, see above under PROVENCE); then 2. (924) Alda; then 3. (932) Marozia (daughter of Theophylactus I, Count of Tuscany, widow of Count Guido of Lucca (see ESTE MARCH COUNTY), died 932; then 4. (December 937, after her abduction) Bertha von Swabia (daughter of DUKE BURCHARD II OF SWABIA, see RATHIEN COUNTY), died 965-66. He died 10th April 947.

[PROT332] Wandalmodis (daughter of Hugh by his mistress Wandalmodis) married [VIE2331] Sire Guigues II (see VIENNE DAUPHINS).

[PROT331] Umberto ([born c.913], illegitimate son of Hugh by his mistress Wandalmodis), Palatine Count of Italy, March Count of Tuscany, married (936) his half-niece [SPOZ339] Willa di Camerino (born c.920, daughter of Count Bonifacius of Spoleto, see BOLOGNA & SPOLETO COUNTIES). Umberto afterwards became March Count & DUKE OF SPOLETO.

Umberto and Willa were closely related. Willa's maternal grandmother was Umberto's mother Willa de Provence. It would seem unlikely they would have been allowed to marry (in 936 as suggested).

Willa married 2. (945) [ESTE331] March Count Umberto of Este (see ESTE MARCH COUNTY). Umberto died 961.

[PROT342] Waldrada (born c.930, daughter of Umberto) married (966) [CAND341] Pietro di Candiano, DOGE OF THE REPUBLIC OF VENICE, see CANDIANO).

[PROT343] Bertha di Luni of Tuscany (daughter of Humbert), married [CAMO311] Ardoino I of Ivrea (see CAMERINO)..

[PROT341] Hugh (son of Humbert), March Count of Tuscany, married Judith.

[PROT352] Willa (daughter of Hugh), married [CAMO321] Prince Ardicino of Italy (see CAMERINO).