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[RATH191] Guerin (son of [HASP211] DUKE ROBERT OF HASPENGAU aka HESBAYE, see HASPENGAU DUKEDOM), Count in Thurgau, married [SPOO192] Adellinde (daughter of DUKE HILDEBRAND OF SPOLETO (see SPOLETO DUKEDOM).

[RATH201] Isanbard, Major Domus of Thurgau.

[RATH211] Hunfrid I (born c.770), March Count in Istria (799), Count in the Rathien (806-08), married [BAVK252] Hidda (born c.783, daughter of Count Udalrich I, see VINZGAU).

[RATH221] Adalbert I (born c.800), Count in Rathien (823-24), married --- (sister of Abbot Wolvene of Rheinau).

[RATH231] Adalbert II der Erlauchte (born 830) of Rathien, Count in Thurgau, "married" Judith of Friuli (possibly the daughter of March Count Eberhard of Friuli, see HOUSE OF FRIULI, who married March Count Konrad II (see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM)).

[THUR381] Adalbert III, Count in Thurgau (born c.845, son of Adalbert II), is dealt with under THURGAU (1).

RATH242] Dietbirg (born c.865, daughter of Adalbert II), married [DILL281] Count Hucbald II, see DILLINGEN COUNTY).

[RATZ241] Eberhard I (born c.865, presumed son of Adalbert II), Count in Thurgau, married Gisela. He died c.894.

[RATZ252] Regilinde (daughter of Eberhard I), married (c.905) her first-cousin [RATH251] DUKE BURCHARD, see below.

[RATH241] Burkhard I of Swabia (born c.860, son of Adalbert I), March Count of Rathien, DUKE OF SWABIA (909-11), married [SAXY252] Liutgard of Saxony (born c.850, daughter of DUKE LIUDOLF OF SAXONY, see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) DUKEDOM). Liutgard died 30th November 885. Burkhard was executed for treason (5th November 911).

[RATH251] Burchard II von Swabia (born c.883) married (c.905) his first-cousin [RATZ252] Regilinde ([born 885], daughter of [RATZ251] Count Eberhard I of Zurichgau, see above). He was DUKE OF SWABIA (917-26), and was murdered at Novara, during an expedition in northern Italy (29th April 926), and afterwards Regilinde married 2. DUKE HERMAN I OF SWABIA, who was Burchard's successor. Regilinde died 958.

[RATH262] Bertha (born 908, daughter of Burchard) married (c.922) [BURK331] King Rodolphe II (see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM). After Rodolphe's death (937), Bertha was seized by King Hugh of Italy (926-48), who then married her (see PROVENCE KINGDOM (TURIN LINE)). She died 965-66.