Revised 25/01/2018


Reuben MARSHALL                        Martha METCALF
Born 27 Feb 1825                       Born 1828
  at Bramley, Gamble Hill                at Armley

Bapt 17 Apr 1825                       Baptised 7 Sep 1828
  at Bramley, Zion Baptists              at Armley, St Bartholomew

Parents Samuel/Ann                     Parents James/Ann

Married 21 May 1848 at Leeds, St Peter
Cloth Weaver; bride (minor); both of Armley
(both fathers : clothiers)

Witnesses Sarah LOBLEY
          Sarah WEBSTER

Died 22 Dec 1905 (age 80)              Died 1893 (age 65)
  at Armley, Greenwoods Buildings        at Armley

Bu'd 25 Dec 1905 (grave D-21)          Buried 8 Nov 1893 (grave D-21)
  at Bramley, Zion Baptists              at Bramley, Zion Baptists

Addresses :
1851    Armley, Whingate (cloth weaver)
1861            Whingate Road (woollen cloth weaver)
1871            Whingate, Greenwood's Cottages
1880            Whingate
1881-91         6 Whingate (woollen weaver)
1892-99         24 Greenwood's Buildings
1900-05         24 Greenwood's Buildings

Children :
Mary             b 1851 Armley; m. Charles Edwin Wade
Sarah            b 1853 Armley; unmarried; at 12 Beanlands Parade Ilkley 1911
Reuben Roger     b 1863 Armley; d 5/3/1911 East Finchley, Strathmore Road; 
                 buried 9/3/11 Bramley Lane Particular Baptist (age 47). 
                 He died intestate and Letter of Administration was granted
                 to his sister, and one of next of kin, Sarah MARSHALL of 
                 12 Beanlands Parade, Ilkley, spinster. Gross value of Estate
                 was 316:13:9d.
1841 Census  1350/1-10, Wortley, Upper Wortley, Moor Side
Samuel       Marshall        35 woollen weaver   [married 28/1/1822, Leeds, St. Peter]
Ann          Marshall        35                  [nee Roberts
Reuben       MARSHALL        15 woollen weaver
Samuel       Marshall        11 woollen weaver
John         Marshall         9
Mary         Marshall         4m
Thomas       Marshall         1
Reuben       Rodger          70 woollen weaver   [Rodgers] [father-in-law]
Mary         Rodger          70
Sarah        Benson          60
1851 Census  2314-402  Armley, Wingate
Reuben       MARSHALL H    M 26 w.c.w                  Bramley
Martha       MARSHALL W    M 22                        Armley
1861 Census  3351-4  Armley, Whingate Road
Reuben       MARSHALL H    M 36 w.c.w                  Bramley
Martha       MARSHALL W    M 33 w.c.burler             Leeds
Mary         Marshall D    -  9 scholar                Armley
Sarah        Marshall D    -  8 scholar                Armley
1871 Census  4539-14  Armley, Wingate, Greenwood's Cottages
Reuben       MARSHALL H    M 46 clothier               Bramley
Martha       MARSHALL W    M 43 w.c.burler             Armley
Sarah        Marshall D    U 18 w.c.w                  Armley
Reuben R     Marshall S    -  8 scholar                Armley
1881 Census  4509-57  Armley, 6 Whingate
Reuben       MARSHALL H    M 56 w.c.w                  Bramley
Martha       MARSHALL W    M 52                        Armley
Sarah        Marshall D    U 28 w.c.w                  Armley
Reuben R     Marshall S    - 17 clerk in brewery       Armley
Ann          Metcalfe Mr/L W 72                        Armley
Arthur       Wade     G/S  -  9 scholar                Armley
1891 Census  3682-46  Armley, 6 Whingate
Reuben       MARSHALL H    M 66 w.c.w                  Bramley
Martha       MARSHALL W    M 62                        Armley
Sarah        Marshall D    S 38 w.c.w                  Armley
Arthur       Wade     H    M 19 wln pattern wvr        Armley
Mary Ann     Wade     W    M 18 wln twister            Leeds
1901 Census  4214-115  Armley, 24 Greenwood's Buildings
Reuben       MARSHALL H    W 76 woollen                Leeds
Sarah        Marshall D    S 48 cotton weaver          Leeds
1901 Census  13/165  Islington, LON, 8 Highcroft Road 
Helena Ann   Hussey   H    M 38 living on own means    Marylebone
             and relatives, and boarders including :
Reuben Roger Marshall Bd   S 37 wine merchants agent   Leeds
1911 Census          Ilkley, 12 Beanlands Parade
Rose         Dyson    H    S 32 laundress              Ben Rhydding
Harry        Anderson Nw   S 15 silk spinner mill hand Ilkley
Henry Lister Bateson  Bd   S 38 baker's labourer       Burley in Wharfedale
Sarah        Marshall Cou  S 57 none                   Armley