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Richard Atkinson BODDY
Born 30 Jul 1814
  at Woolwich (KEN)

Baptised 16 Oct 1814
  at Woolwich, St Mary

Parents John Myers/Hannah
Died 1837

Buried 26 Jan 1837
  at Woolwich, William Street Wesleyan
Will :
I Richard Atkinson BODDY being of sound mind, etc, bequeath to my Father John Myers BODDY
of Woolwich in the county of Kent, Bookseller, the whole of my effects of every description
except the following legacies.
1st. To the Library of the Non. Comd. Officers of the Royal Artillery I bequeath Hane's List 
of the Officers of the Regiment corrected by myself and a manuscript book of the services of many
of the Officers also written by myself.
2nd. The sum of one hundred pounds sterling to which I am entitled as the surviving heir of my 
Mother since the death of my Sister Hannah Atkinson BODDY and to which she would have been 
entitled had she survived to be of age payable out of the estate of the later Mr. Geo ATKINSON
of Shipley in Yorkshire. I bequeath to my father John Myers BODDY on trust that he vest thirty 
pounds for the benefit of my [Half-] Sister Elizabeth Alice BODDY in the Woolwich & Plumstead Savings Bank
and to be paid to her at the age of twenty-one years, but in case of her death before that period 
to revert to my Father,
3rd. To Mr Robert GANT I bequeath the sum of five pounds in token of my gratitude to him for his 
care of me as my medical Attendant. ****
4th. To Miss BISHOP daughter of Mr BISHOP of the Green Man Inn Plumstead I bequeath a copy of the
Holy Bible. In the event of the dissolution of the Library of the Non Comd. Officers I wish that
the two books I have willed to it, to revert to me Father.
Dated at Woolwich &c, seventeenth day of January one thousand eight hundred & thirty seven.
Administration: Admin of the Will granted to John Myers BODDY the Father, 25/10/1841. 
NOTE: This was almost five years after the death.
Further Admin. John Myers BODDY, of Woolwich, bookseller, Joseph GLOVER of Shipley, William WOOD
book keeper of Shipley, were bonded in connection with the Administration the Will, May 1842 

*** Perhaps Robert GANT was his step-father.
NOTE Elizabeth Alice BODDY survived until 1851