[RICN631] Andrew Richardson m3. [ADDY632] Susannah Addy
. [RICN641] John Richardson m. [COWA642] Elizabeth Coward
. . [RICN652] Susanna Richardson m. [WODD651] Joseph Wood

[RICN631] Andrew Richardson, married 1. (at Snaith, 13th December 1719) Sarah Cornwell, both of Heck. They had four children as follows:

Sarah died at Rawcliffe (buried at Snaith, 4th December 1725), and afterwards, Andrew married 2. (at Snaith, 23rd January 1728-29) Mary Ogley, both of Rawcliffe. They had three children born and baptised at Rawcliffe as follows:

Mary died at Rawcliffe (buried at Snaith, 12th May 1737), and afterwards, Andrew married 3. (at Rawcliffe, 17th November 1738) Ann Seanah, both of Rawcliffe. They had one child born and baptised at Rawcliffe as follows:

Ann died at Rawcliffe (buried there 27th April 1754), and afterwards, Andrew, a labourer, married 4. (at Snaith, 6th February 1755) [ADDY632] Susannah Peckit (born 1726, see ADDY), a widow, witnessed by Edward Johnson and Thos. Hopkinson.

[Susannah had previously married 1. (at Ferry Fryston, 10th August 1746) John Peckit (widower), and they had had two children born at Rawcliffe, Susannah Peckit (baptised there 3rd April 1748) and Ann Peckit (baptised there 22nd June 1750). John Peckit had died at Rawcliffe (buried at Snaith, 24th June 1752).]

Rawcliffe Church
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Andrew Richardson and Susannah had one child born and baptised at Rawcliffe as follows:


Andrew is believed to have drowned in the River Aire. The body of “Joshua” was buried at Snaith (2nd May 1773), and it is believed this was actually Andrew. Afterwards, Susannah married 3. (at Snaith, 2nd May 1774) Samuel Killam, a blacksmith, who had had six children by his first marriage to Sarah Leake (four at Rawcliffe and two at Thorne). Samuel and Susannah had no issue. Samuel died at Rawcliffe (buried there 16th September 1775), and Susanna then married 4. (at Snaith, 30th June 1776) George Sykes, a yeoman. They had no children, though George had had eleven children by his first marriage to Ann Cowper (all at Rawcliffe). Susannah died at Rawcliffe (buried there 7th July 1791), and George died at Rawcliffe also (buried there 13th February 1792).

[RICN641] John Richardson (born 1762, son of Andrew & Susannah), (tailor of Thorne) married (at Snaith, 29th May 1788) [COWA642] Elizabeth Coward (born 1770, daughter of Thomas Coward, see COWARD), witnessed by Ed. Ward and William Denby.



Snaith Priory Church
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 They had three children born and baptised at Thorne as follows:



Thorne Church
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John died (age 64) at Thorne (31st January 1828, buried at Thorne Unitarian, 3rd February 1828), and Elizabeth died (age not given) at Thorne also (30th April 1835, buried at Thorne Unitarian, 2nd May 1835).

[RICN652] Susanna Richardson (born 1795, daughter of John), married (at Leeds, 15th January 1816) [WODD651] Joseph Wood (born 1796, see WOOD).