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(Richmondshire in Yorkshire)

(riche-mont = strong-hill)

[RICH351] Stephen aka Etienne de Treguier (born c.1060, youngest son of [PENT359] Count Eudes of Penthievre, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY) married (before c.1084) Hawise, Countess of Guingamp. He inherited part of the estates (including Richmond) of his elder brother Alan Rufus He was 3rd Count of Richmond (1110), and died at York (21 April 1136). His son Alan niger succeeded him, and styled himself Earl of Richmond, see below.

[RICH362] Olive (daughter of Stephen), married 1. [FOUG361] Seigneur Henri (see FOUGERES); then 2. William of Saint-John.

[RICH363] Alianore (daughter of Stephen), married [DINA361] Alan de Dinan (see DINAN).

[RICH364] Maud (daughter of Stephen), married [GANT354] Walter de Gaunt (see GANT).

[RICH365] Mathilde de Vendome (daughter of Stephen) married [AVAU391] Henry of Tregoz (see AVAUGOUR).

[RICH361] Alan III niger [=black] (born before 1100, 2nd son of Stephen) married [RENN391] Bertha (daughter of DUKE CONAN III, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RICHMOND) COUNTY). He was 1st Earl of Richmond (1136-46). In 1140 he seized the castle of Galclint (Gaultney) near Rushton (Northants) from Earl William (see LINCOLN (AUBIGNY) EARLDOM). He was granted the County of Cornwall by King Stephen (1140), but he withdrew his forces from the kings' army before the Battle of Lincoln (which took place on 2nd February 1141), and was subsequently captured by the Earl Ranulph of Chester (who sided with EMPRESS MATILDA). Alan then surrendered the castle of Galclint to Earl Ranulf. Also during his imprisonment he also lost the County of Cornwall, and never regained it. He died in Brittany (15th September 1146). Afterwards Bertha married 2. (before 1148) Eudon, Vicomte de Porhoet, 13th Count of Brittany. Bertha died sometime between 1162-67.

[RICH371] Conan IV le petite (born before July 1138, son & heir), successfully laid claim to the Brittany, becoming 14th Count of Brittany (1156). He  married (1160) [DUNK459] Margaret (daughter of Earl Henry, see HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM). He was 2nd Earl of Richmond (1146-66), and probably built the large keep at Richmond Castle.



Richmond Castle ruins
(18 Oct 2013)

12th Century keep

Conan resigned his Brittany title to King Henry II (1166), and in return betrothed his (only) daughter to the King's son Geoffrey. He died 20th February 1171, and Richmond Castle passed into royal guardianship. Margaret afterwards married 2. (before 1175) [HERE451] Humphrey de Bohun (see HEREFORD (BOHUN) EARLDOM).

[RICH383] Constance (born c.1162, in Brittany, only daughter & heiress of Conan IV), Countess of Richmond and of Brittany, married 1. (July 1181) Geoffrey (3rd surviving son of King Henry II, by Eleanor), died at Paris (August 1186); then 2. (3 February 1187-88) Ranulph, Earl of Chester, repudiated for consanguinity (1199); then 3. (1199) [THOU362] Vicomte Guy (see THOUARS). She died during childbirth at Nantes, Brittany, (September 1201).