Revised 25/01/2018


Robert CATTERSON                       Fanny Alice STUBBS
Born 1864                              Born 6 Sep 1867
  at Bishopton (DUR)                     at Barrow (RUT)

Parents William/Elizabeth              Parents Gerard Hutchinson/Alice

Married 21 Jul 1896 at Cottesmore (RUT), St Nicholas
Miller of Sedgefield; Durham; bride of Barrow
(Robert's father : tailor; bride's father : deceased)

Witnesses Henry William STUBBS    Fanny Alice's brother
          Hettie Mary STUBBS      Fanny Alice's sister
                                       Died 1904 (age 37)
                                         Stockton Reg. Dist
Remarks :
Afterwards Robert married 2. (24 Feb 1906, Leeds, St Peter) Emily Alberta Crosby
Robert, forgeman, age 37, Stillington, DUR, son of William Catterson, tailor;
Emily, age 30, Broad, Lane, Bramley, YKS, dtr of Robinson Crosby, horse-keeper);
Witnessed by Arthur Edwin Crosby and Jane Alice Cook)

Addresses :
1901    Whitton (blast furnace labourer)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Frank W          c 1896 Bishopton
Margaret Alice   b 1898 Carlton Iron Works
John Tyson       b 1899 Carlton Iron Works
Mabel Hetty      b 1901 Stockton Reg. Dist.

Censuses :
1871 Census  4910-18  Bishopton (DUR)
William   Catterson H M 26 tailor  Bishopton
Elizabeth Catterson W M 26         Bishopton
Hannah    Catterson D -  4 scholar Bishopton
Robert    Catterson S -  2         Bishopton

1881 Census  4901-74  Bishopton
William Catterson H M 36 tailor  Bishopton
Elizth  Catterson W M 35         Bishopton
Robert  Catterson S - 12 scholar Bishopton
John    Catterson S -  9 scholar Bishopton
Elizth  Catterson D -  7 scholar Bishopton
William Catterson S -  4         Bishopton

1901 Census  4629-63  Whitton (DUR), 35 Morrison Street
Robert     Catterson H M 32 blast furnace labourer Bishopton
Fanny A    Catterson W M 32                        Barrowden RUT
Frank W    Catterson S -  5                        Bishopton
Margaret A Catterson D -  2                        Carlton Ironworks
John T     Catterson S -  1                        Carlton Ironworks
1911 Census           Bishopton
Robert           Catterson H M 42 blast furnace labourer Bishopton
Emily Alberta    Catterson W M 35                        [H]Apperley Bridge YKS
Frank Willm      Catterson S - 13 school                 Bishopton
Margaret Alice   Catterson D - 12 school                 Carlton Iron Works
John Tyson       Catterson S - 11 school                 Carlton Iron Works
Isabel Hetty     Catterson D -  9                        Carlton Iron Works
Dorothy Crosby** Catterson D -  4                        Carlton Iron Works
Robert Arthur ** Catterson S -  2                        Bishopton
             [** Children by second marriage]