Revised 25/01/2018


Robert Henry BODDY                     Jane Elizabeth CRADDOCK
Born 20 May 1872                       Born 1878
  at Acomb                               at Bedale

Baptised 30 Jun 1872
  at Acomb, St Stephen

Parents William/Anna                   Parents Anthony/Esther
Married 1901 in Guisbro' District

Died 1920 (age 49) ASSUMED
  at Middlesbro Reg. Dist.
1881 Census  4323-29  Acomb
William        Boddye   H  M 56 railway watchman         Acomb
Anna           Boddye   W  M 50                          Acomb
William        Boddye   S  U 20 carriage builder         Acomb
Frederick G    Boddye   S  U 18 boiler smith             Acomb
Mary Louisa    Boddye   D  - 14 scholar                  Acomb
Alice M        Boddye   D  - 11 scholar                  Acomb
Robert Henry   BODDYE   S  -  8 scholar                  Acomb
1891 Census  938   Wincheste (HAM), The Barracks
Robert Henry   BODDYE Private 19                         Acomb
1881 Census  4870  Yafforth, Village
Anthony        Craddock H  M 41 ag lab                   Moor Head
Esther         Craddock W  M 38                          Masham
               and family, including
Jane           CRADDOCK D  U  3                          Bedale
1891 Census Jane Craddock not found
1901 Census  4598  Bedale, Bedale Grange
Robert L       Bomer    H  M 40 Chief Constable of Police Weston
Annette S      Bomer    W  M 33                          IRL
Robert T       Bomer    S  S  6                          IRL
Gertrude M     Bomer    D  S  5                          IRL
Muriel C M     Bomer    D  S  3m                         Bedale
               and servants, including
Robert H       BODDYE   Sv S 29 groom domestic           Acomb    
1911 Census       Ripon, Skelton on Ure
Robert Henry   BODDYE   H  M 39 groom domestic           Acomb
Jane Elizabeth BODDYE   W  M 33                          Bedale
Tallon Rodert  Boddye   S  -  9 school                   Ripon
Redvers        Boddye   S  -  7 school                   North Stainley
Ethel May      Boddye   D  -  5 school                   Skelton
Nita Margaret  Boddye   D  -  1                          Skelton