Revised 25/01/2018


Robert RICHARDSON                      Ann COULTHWAITE
Born 1817                              Born 1820
  at Killington (WES)                    at Middleton (WES)

                                       Baptised 12 Nov 1820
                                         at Middleton, Holy Ghost

Parents Robert/Jane                    Parents John/Mary

Married 9 Oct 1850 at Middleton, Holy Ghost
Farmer of Killington
(Robert's father : yeoman; bride's father : farmer)

Witnesses Margaret COULTHWAITE    Mabel's brother
          John RICHARDSON         Robert's brother and Margaret's fiancee

Died 1881-                             Died 1861-71

Addresses :
1851    Killington, Harprigg Hall (Robert, with his parents)
1851    Middleton, Low Water Side (Ann, with her parents)
1854-58 High Abbotside (-)
1861    High Abbotside, Camhouse (farmer)
1871                   (farmer)
1881    Melling with Wrayton, Town End Farm (farmer land owner)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Mary Jane        b 1854 High Abbotside
Anne Coulthwaite b 1858 High Abbotside
Hannah           b 1860 High Abbotside
Elizabeth Ellen  b 1864 High Abbotside

Censuses :
1851 Census  2441-437  Kirkby Lonsdale (WES), Killington, Harprigg Hall
Robert Richardson H W 49 freeholder & farmer Killington
       and family  plus :
Robert Richardson S M 34                     Killington

1851 Census  2441-448  Kirkby Lonsdale, Middleton, Low Water Side
John     Coulthwaite H  M 68 farmer   Middleton
Mary     Coulthwaite W  M 67          Dent YKS
         and family  plus :
Ann      Richardson  D  M 30          Middleton

1861 Census  3671-61  Hardrow, High Abbotside, Camhouse
Robert   Richardson H M 44 farmer  Killington WES
Ann      Richardson W M 40         Middleton WES
Margaret Richardson D -  8 scholar Camhouse
Mary J   Richardson D -  7 scholar Camhouse
Ann C    Richardson D -  2         Camhouse
Hannah   Richardson D -  1         Camhouse

1871 Census  4871-73  Hardrow, High Abbotside, Camhouse
Robert            Richardson H W 53 farmer  Killington WES
Mary Jane         Richardson D - 16         Camhouse
Annie Coulthwaite Richardson D - 12 scholar Camhouse
Hannah            Richardson D - 11 scholar Camhouse
Elizabeth Ellen   Richardson D -  7 scholar Camhouse

1881 Census  4272-53  Melling with Wrayton (LAN), Town End Farm
Robert      Richardson H   W 63 farmer land owner Killington
Mary J      Richardson D   U 26                   High Abbotside YKS
Anne        Richardson D   U 22                   High Abbotside
Hannah      Richardson D   U 21                   High Abbotside
Elizabeth E Richardson D   - 17                   High Abbotside
Anne        Sedgwick   G/D -  2                   Ravenstone Dale YKS!