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Other Roman families of this period are dealt with under EARLY GREEK/ROMAN FAMILIES


[ROMB301] Quintus Sulpicius I (born at Rome).

[ROMB311] Quintus Sulpicius II (born at Rome).

[ROMB321] Servius Paterculus (born at Rome).

[ROMB332] Sulpicia (born at Rome, daughter of Servius Paterculus) married [ROMC331] Quintus Flaccus (see BELOW).


[ROMC271] Lucius Fulvius I (born at Rome), died c.340BCE.

[ROMC281] Lucius Fulvius II (born at Rome), died c.320BCE.

[ROMC291] Lucius Fulvius Curvus (born at Rome), Consul, died 322BCE.

[ROMC301] Marcus Curvus (born at Rome), Consul, died 305BCE.

[ROMC311] Cassus Curvus (born at Rome), died c.296BCE.

[ROMC321] Marcus Flaccus (born at Rome), Consul, died 264BCE.

[ROMC331] Quintus Flaccus (born at Rome), Consul (c.238BCE), married [ROMB332] Sulpicia (see ABOVE). He died c.209BCE.

[ROMC341] Marcus Flaccus I (born at Rome), died c.180BCE.

[ROMC351] Marcus Flaccus II (born at Rome), became Consul (125BCE), and died 121BCE.

[ROMC362] Fulvia (born at Rome, daughter of Marcus Flaccus II) married [ROMD361] Lucius Julius Caesar III (see BELOW).


[ROMD211] Numerius Julius Julius.

[ROMD221] Lucius Julius Julius.

[ROMD231] Caius Julius Julius, Consul with Pinarius.

[ROMD241] Caius Julius Julius, Consul with Quintus Flavius.

[ROMD251] Caius Julius Julius, Consul with Marcus Geganius and later with Lucius Virginius.

[ROMD261] Lucius Julius Julius, Military Tribune.

[ROMD271] Lucius Julius Julius, Military Tribune.

[ROMD281] Lucius Julius Libo.

[ROMD291] Lucius Julius Libo (born at Rome), descended from Julii had who fled from Alba Longa to Rome, after Alba Longa had been destroyed by the Roman King Tullus Hostilius). Lucius also claimed descent from King Romulus of Rome. He became Consul (267BCE) with Marcus Attlius Regulus.

[ROMD301] Lucius Libo (born at Rome).

[ROMD311] Numerius Julius Caesar (born at Rome).

[ROMD321] Lucius Julius Caesar I (born at Rome).

[ROMD331] Sextus Julius Caesar I (born at Rome), a Military Tribune, Proconsul in Liguria.

[ROMD345] Gaius Julius Caesar I (born at Rome).

[ROMD355] Gaius Julius Caesar II (born at Rome), Praetor (166BCE), married Marcia.

[ROMD365] Gaius Julius Caesar III (born at Rome), Roman Senator, married Aurelia Cotta, and died 85BCE.

[ROMD375] Julius Caesar (born at Rome, 12th July 100BCE), Consul (55BCE). In 46BCE He was appointed Dictator of Rome for a period of 10 years and also imperium over the Roman Empire. Two years later he was appointed dictator perpetuus [Dictator for life] (February 44BCE), which suggested he was in effect King. However, Romans were proud of their Republican traditions and resentful of his new power. Hence he was assassinated shortly afterwards on 15th March 44BCE.

[ROMD341] Sextus Julius Caesar II (born at Rome, son of Sextus Julius Caesar I), Roman Ambassador, and Consul with Lucius Aurelius Orestes.

[ROMD351] Lucius Julius Caesar II (born at Rome), married Poppilia.

[ROMD361] Lucius Julius Caesar III (born at Rome, c.135BCE), Consul (90BCE) with Rutilius Lupus, married [ROMC362] Fulvia (see ABOVE). Lucius was killed at the beginning of the Civil War by partisans of Gaius Marius (87BCE).

[ROMD372] Julia (born at Rome) (daughter of Lucius Julius Caesar III) married 1. [ROME371] Marcus Antonius Crecitus; then 2. Publius Cornelius Lentulus (Sura) (see BELOW).


[ROME351] Gaius Antonius (born at Rome).

[ROME361] Marcus Antonius the orator was one of the most distinguished Roman orators of his time. He was elected Praetor (102BCE), with proconsular powers for the province of Cilia, and elected Consul (99BCE). Following the civil war between Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla he was executed 87BCE.

[ROME371] Gaius Marcus (born at Rome, son of Marcus Antonius the orator).

[ROME383] Antonia (born at Rome, daughter of Gaius Marcus) married her first-cousin [ROME381] Marcus Antonius Triumvir, see BELOW.

[ROME372] Marcus Antonius Creticus (born at Rome, son of Marcus Antonius the orator) married [ROMD372] Julia (daughter of Lucius Julius Caesar III of Rome, see ABOVE). He became Praetor (74BCE) and the following year was given the task of clearing the Mediterranean Sea from the threat of piracy. Instead, he plundered the provinces he was supposed to protect. He attacked the Cretans (who had made an alliance with the pirates) but was totally defeated, losing most of his ships, which earned him the sarcastic nickname Creticus [Conqueror of Crete]. He died soon after in Crete (c.72-72BCE), and afterwards Julia married 2. Publius Cornelius Lentulus (Sura), a politician involved in, and executed during, the Catiline Conspiracy (63BCE).

[ROME389] Marcus Antonius Triumvir (born at Rome, 83BCE, eldest son of Marcus Antonius Creticus) gambled a lot and eventually fled to Greece to escape his creditors. He was later summoned by Aulus Gabinus, Proconsul of Syria, to take part in the campaign against Aristobulus in Judea, and in support of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII in Egypt. In the ensuing campaigns he showed himself to be a talented cavalry commander, displaying great courage, and later (54BCE) became a member of the staff of Julius Caesar's armies in Gaul and early Germany (54BCE). He married 1. Fadia; then 2. his first-cousin [ROME383] Antonia (daughter of Gaius Marcus, see ABOVE); then 3. Fulvia Flacca Bambula; then 4. Tryphaina of Commagene; then 5. Octavia minor of Rome; then 6. [PTOL202] Cleopatra VII thea [=goddess] philopator [=father loving], Queen of Egypt (see PTOLEMY DYNASTY).

Marcus married off his daughter Antonia to the wealthy Anatolian Prince Pythodorus (36BCE), thereby hoping to acquire some of the latter's wealth, to further his own campaign to invade Parthia, though it is not confirmed he actually gained from this arrangement. In the naval Battle of Actium against the forces of Octavia (2nd September 31BCE), the navy of Antonius and Cleopatra was destroyed, and they were forced to flee to Egypt, pursued by Octavia. Antonius committed suicide (at Alexandria, August 30BCE) by stabbing himself with his sword, in the mistaken belief that Cleopatra had already done so, and afterwards Cleopatra and her servants killed themselves. Later, most of their family were murdered by Octavia. Only his daughters, and one son, were spared.

[ROME392] Antonia Hybrida (daughter of Marcus Antonius Triumvir & Antonia) married (36BCE) [NYSA171] Prince Pythodorus of Tralles (see NYSA).

[ROME393] Cleopatra VIII Selene II (born in Alexandria, 25th December 40BCE, daughter of Mark Antony & Cleopatra VII) married [NUMD321] King Juba II of Mauretania (born 52BCE, see MAURETANIA).