Revised 01/12/2019



[ROUC311] Rognvald/Reinald of Norway, a Viking invader who settled in Burgundy.

[ROUC321] Renard de Roucy (born c.926, son of Rognvald/Reinald) married [LORX302] Alberade (daughter of Count Gilbert, see LOTHARINGIA COUNTY). He was 1st Count of Roucy & Reims, and died at Peronne (10th May 967, else 15th March 973).

[ROUC339] Ermentrude de Reims (born c.950, daughter of Renard) married 1. (before 971) [MACN301] Count Aubry II (see MACON COUNTY); then 2. (c.978) [BUR3321] Count Otto-William (see BURGUNDY COUNTY).

[ROUC334] Gerberge (daughter of Renard) married [SENS331] Count Fromond II of Sens (see SENS COUNTY).

[ROUC331] Gilbert (born c.956, son of Renard), 2nd Count of Roucy & Reims, married (c.970) [AQUI323] --- (daughter of Count William III, see HOUSE OF POITIERS). He died 990.

[ROUL341] Lietaud de Marle (son of Gilbert) married Mathilde.

[ROUL352] Ada de Marle (daughter of Lietaud) married 1. Vicomte Aubry de Coucy (divorced 1059); then 2. [COUC341] Count Enguerrand I (see COUCY), repudiated.

[ROUC342] Judith (daughter of Gilbert) married [RETH341] Count Manasses II (see RETHEL COUNTY).

[ROUC341] Ebles I (son of Gilbert) married (c.1012) [HAI1332] Beatrice (daughter of Count Reginar IV, see HAINAULT COUNTY), divorced before 1021. He was 3rd Count of Roucy & Reims. He gave the County of Reims to the Church (1023-33). Ebles died 11th May 1033. Beatrice married 2. Manasses Calva Asina de Montdidier (brother of her son-in-law Count Hilduin IV of Montdidier).

[ROUC352] Alix/Adelaide (born c.1014, daughter of Ebles) married [MOND359] Count Hilduin IV (see MONTDIDIER COUNTY), who thereby became 4th Count of Roucy.

[ROUC353] Aelis (daughter of Ebles) married [SOIX341] Count Renaud (see SOISSONS (BAR-SUR-AUBE) COUNTY).