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[RYES331] Lord Hubert I of Rye m. ?
. [HUBE331] Ralph FitzHubert m. ?
. [RYES343] Albreda de Rye m. [VALO421] Peter de Valognes
. [RYES341] Eudo de Rye m. [BRIO435] Rohais de Clare
. . [RYES352] Margaret de Rye m. [MAND351] William de Mandeville

[RYES331] Hubert de Rye held the village of Rye, near Falaise in Normandy, of the Comte de Bessin (born c.1025). He once saved the life of William the Conqueror, who was then DUKE OF NORMANDY. Hubert was Lord of Rye (1044), wife's name unknown.

[RYES343] Albreda de Rye (born at Rye, near Bayeux, c.1052, daughter of Hubert) married [VAL0421] Seigneur Peter (see VALOGNES).

[HUBE331] Ralph FitzHubert de Rye (eldest son of Hubert) is described under RALPH FITZ HUBERT.

[RYES342] Hubert I de Rye (born c.1060, son of Hubert) married married (1102) Agnes (widow of Ralph I de Beaufour, and daughter of Robert de Tosny, see TONY). He died 1126.

[RYES354] Henry de Rye (born c.1103, son of Hubert I), wife's name unknown, died September 1162.

[RYES341] Eudo FitzHubert de Rye (born c.1055, son of [RYES331] Hubert), also known as Eudo Dapifer (Steward) to King William I, married (c.1088) [BRIO438] Rohais (daughter of Richard FitzGilbert, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). Eudo was a large landholder in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Herts, Cambs, Berks, Beds, Northants, etc. He is said to have died at Preaux Castle in Normandy (February 1120), and was buried at Colchester Abbey (Essex).  This appears to be wrong and he probably died soon after his marriage. Afterwards Rohais married 2. Count Hugh I of Dammartin (see EARLY DAMMARTIN COUNTY); then 3. [TELL431] Ralph de Tellieres (see TELLIERES). Rohais died January 1121 and was buried at Le Bec, Normandy.

[RYES352] Margaret de Rye (sole daughter & heiress of Eudo) married [MAND351] William (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM).

[RYES353] Agnes Stigand (daughter of Eudo) married [TANC401] Raoul de Tancarville (see TANCARVILLE)