[SADL601] William Sadler m. [DAVI602] Ellen Davisonne
. [SADL611] Richard Sadler m. [THAC612] Alse Thackrey
. . [SADL621] Richard Sadler m. [YATE622] Elizabeth Yates
. . . [SADL631] William Sadler m. [SYMO632] Margaret Symonson
. . . . [SADL641] Thomas Sadler m. [WAYN642] Ellen Wayne
. . . . . [SADL652] Elizabeth Sadler m. [BODD651] Thomas Boddy

[SADL601] William Sadler married (at Coxwold, 29th May 1625) [DAVI602] Ellen Davisonne (baptised at Coxwold, 11th March 1602-03, but parents' names not given).



Coxwold Church

They had four children:

Anna (baptised at Coxwold, 6th May 1627);

[SADL611] Richard (baptised at Coxwold, 4th January 1628-29), married Alse Thackrey, see later;

Maria (born at Newburgh, baptised at Coxwold, 8th February 1630-31), lived 10 months;

William (baptised at Coxwold, 25th January 1632-33).

[SADL611] Richard Sadler (born 1629) of Coxwold married in a civil ceremony (at Osgoodby by Thirkleby, 17th June 1656) [THAC612] Alse Thackrey of Newborough. They had five children, born and/or baptised at Coxwold as follows:

William (born 15th September 1656), lived 4 weeks;

Elizabeth (born 20th December 1657);

Thomas (born 27th November 1660), lived 4 weeks;

[SADL621] Richard (baptised 11th August 1664), married Elizabeth Yates, see later;

William (baptised 11th August 1664), died at Coxwold (7th April 1666).

[SADL621] Richard Sadler (born 1664) "of Coxwold" married (at Thirsk, 25th April 1698) [YATE622] Elizabeth Yates (born 1675, see YATES). They had one child:

[SADL631] William (born c.1705), married Margaret Symonson, see later.

[SADL631] William Sadler (born c.1705) married (at South Kilvington, 26th December 1733) [SYMO632] Margaret Symonson (born 1708, see SYMONSON). They had three children, born and baptised at South Kilvington as follows:

William (baptised 31st March 1734);

Mary (baptised 31st December 1736);

[SADL641] Thomas (baptised 2nd June 1739), married Ellen Wayne, see later.

William, a weaver, probably died at South Kilvington (around 1740-42), and Margaret afterwards married 2. Edward Ward. They had one child, born and baptised at South Kilvington:

Edward Ward (baptised 1st January 1746-47).

Margaret died at South Kilvington (buried there 3rd May 1763), and Edward died at South Kilvington also (buried there 15th July 1787).

[SADL641] Thomas Sadler (born 1739) married (at Topcliffe, 22nd June 1774) [WAYN642] Ellen Wayne (born 1740, see WAYNE), witnessed by William Hood & Chrisr. Ramshaw.



Topcliffe Church
19 November 2014

They had three children, born at Baldersby and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

Thomas (baptised 29th April 1775), possibly married (at Aldborough, 7th July 1805) Ann Tebb;

[SADL652] Elizabeth (born 10th February, baptised 7th March 1778). Her baptism entry was interesting as it recorded that she was:

1st daughter of Thomas Sadler of Baldersby labourer (son of Willm. Sadler of Kilvington weaver, by Margaret his wife daughter of .Symonson of Kilvington) & Ellen (daughter of Thomas Wayne of Catton farmer by Elizabeth daughter of John Hood of Baldersby farmer).

Elizabeth married (at Ripon, 15th May 1799) [BODD651] Thomas Body (born 1779, see BODDY);

Mary (born July 1781, baptised 29th July 1781), married Christopher Pickard.

Thomas died (age 80) at Baldersby (buried at Topcliffe, 5th August 1817).