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There are discrepancies over the dates of succession of some of the Princes, with the possibility that John II and John III may be the same person.

[TUSC281] Duke Adalbert II of Lucca m. [LORL293] Bertha von Lotharingia
. [SALE271] March Count Lamberto of Tuscany m. ?
. . [SALE281] Prince John I of Salerno m. ?
. . . [SALE291] Prince John II of Salerno m. ?
. . . . [SALE301] Prince John III of Salerno m. [BENE292] possibly Sikelgaita di Benevento
. . . . . [SALE311] Prince Guaimar III of Salerno m2. [BENE322] Gaitelgrima di Benevento
. . . . . . [SALE321] Prince Guaimar IV of Salerno m. [CAPU322] Gemma di Capua
. . . . . . . [SALE332] Sikelgaita di Salerno m. [APUL332] Duke Robert Guiscard of Apulia, Calabria & Sicily

[SALE271] Lamberto di Spoleto (son of [TUSC281] March Count Adalbert II, see TUSCANY MARCH COUNTY), was March Count of Tuscany (931), but blinded and deposed the same year. He died some time after 936.

[SALE281] John I Lambert, Prince of Salerno (-983). He ruled Salerno jointly with DUKE MANSO III OF AMALFI.

[SALE291] John II, deposed DUKE MANSO III OF AMALFI (983) to become sole Prince of Salerno (983-94).

[SALE301] John III, Prince of Salerno (994), possibly married [BENE292] Sikelgaita (daughter of Prince Landolf IV, see BENEVENTO PRINCEDOM). He died 1007.

[SALE311] Guaimar III, Prince of Salerno (994-1027), married 1. Porpora di Tabellaria (died 1010); then 2. [BENE322] Gaitelgrima, daughter of Prince Pandolf III, see BENEVENTO PRINCEDOM). Guimar died March 1027.

[SALE321] Guaimar IV (born c.1010, eldest son of Guaimar III, by Gaitelgrima) was Prince of Salerno (1027-52), Prince of Capua (1038-47), DUKE OF AMALFI (1039-52), DUKE OF GAETA (1040-41). He married [CAPU322] Gemma di Capua (daughter of Prince Pandolf VI, see BENEVENTO PRINCEDOM). He was assassinated 3rd June 1052.

[SALE332] Sikelgaita (born 1025, daughter & heiress of Guaimar IV) married (at Monte Cassino, 1058) [APUL339] DUKE ROBERT GUISCARD (see APULIA (HOUSE OF HAUTEVILLE) DUKEDOM).