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The following is based on a list of Seigneurs of Salins. There would appear to be at least one missing generation prior to 1080, caused no doubt by a Seigneur (for example Gaucher I) succeeding his grandfather, such that his father would be unrecorded.

Another version omits Gaucher I

[SALN281] Alberic I de Narbonne (born c.892, son of [NARB271] Mayeul de Narbonne, see NARBONNE), Sire de Salins, Vicomte de Narbonne, married [AQUI302] Etolane/Attelane/Tolana de Macon (daughter of King Ranulfe of Aquitaine, see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM) and afterwards became Count of Macon (930-43), Seigneur de Salins (942-43). He died 943.

[MACN291] Letaud II (son of Alberic), Count of Macon, is described under MACON COUNTY.

[SALN291] Humbert I (born 915, son of Alberic), Seigneur de Salins, married Wandalmodis d' Escuens. Humbert died 958.

[SALN301] Gaucher I (born c.950), Seigneur de Salins. He died 992

[SALN311] Humbert II (born c.980), Seigneur de Salins, married Eremburge de Chalons (parents unknown). Humbert died 1020, and Eremburge died 1028.

[SALN321] Gaucher II (born c.1020), Seigneur de Salins, married Aremburge (a widow).

[SALN331] Gaucher III (born c.1044), Seigneur de Salins, married Beatrix. Gaucher died at Avoue des Salins (1084), and Beatrix died c.1087.

[SALN341] Humbert III (born c.1080), Seigneur de Salins, died c.1149.

[SALN351] Gaucher IV (born c.1105), Seigneur de Salins, died 15th August 1175.

[SALN362] Maurette or Guyonne (born c.1130, only daughter & heiress of Gaucher IV) married (c.1160) [VIEN361] Count Girard I (see VIENNE & MACON COUNTY).