Revised 09/02/2020


Samuel LYON                            Emma SCHOLES
Born 3 Jan 1845                        Born 1847
  at Croydon (CAM)                       at Bramley

Bapt 9 Feb 1845
  at Croydon, All Saints

Parents James/Elizabeth                Parents John/Ann

Married 6 Feb 1866 at Kirkstall Register Office
Engineer; bride (age 19); both of Burley
(both fathers : labourers)

Witnesses George SCHOLES          Emma's brother
          John SCHOLES            Emma's brother

Died 20 Jan 1929 (age 84)              Died 1878 (age 31)
  at Leeds, 33 Wilmington Grove

Bu'd 24 Jan 1929                       Buried 17 Jul 1878
  at Bramley, St Peter                   at Bramley, St Peter

Remarks :
Samuel Lynes, of Burley, Leeds, registered Patent No. 2404 on 22nd August 1867,
for "an improved self-acting lubricator", in which the waste oil running from
the bearing to be lubricated was caught in a receiver, from which it was raised 
by a cotton cord, which passed between rollers and caused the discharge of oil 
into a spout which again conducted it to the bearing. The Patent became void 
in August 1870 as Samuel had not extended it after three years had elapsed.
Samuel afterwards lived with Martha Ann
Samuel afterwards married 3. Clara Fenton

Addresses :
1866    Burley, Bateson Street (fire feeder at a forge)
1866            (engine tenter)
1869-70         Kirkstall Road (-)
1871            87 Kirkstall Road (traction engine driver)
1871-73         184 Kirkstall Road [houses renumbered in 1871]
1874-79         4 Darnbrough Street (engine driver)
1880-81         8 Back Lloyd Street (railway driver)
1881            21 Lloyd Street

Children :
Charles Alfred   b 30/7/66; c 21/10/66 Burley; m. Clara Oakes
Paulina Ann      b 1868; m. William Graham Hallas
Alice Harriet    b 30/9/72; c 11/6/90 St Thomas; m. William Spence
Stephen Henry    b 1874; m. Emily Horsman
Grace Beatrice   b 12/12/77 Burley; buried 24/8/78 Bramley
1851 Census  2315  Bramley, Varley Crosse?
John          Scholes  H  M 45 ware grinder             Leeds
Ann           Scholes  W  M 48 ware grinder             Armley
Joseph        Scholes  S  U 25 engine tenter            Leeds
Hannah        Scholes  D  U 21 woolen cloth burler      Leeds
James         Scholes  S  U 20 ware grinder             Leeds
Edward        Scholes  S  - 17 labourer                 Leeds
John          Scholes  S  - 16 tailler                  Leeds
Elizabeth     Scholes  D  - 13 piecener                 Leeds
Saah          Scholes  D  - 12 house maid               Leeds
Mary Ann      Scholes  D  -  9                          Leeds
George        Scholes  S  -  6                          Bramley
Emma          SCHOLES  D  -  3                          Bramley
1861 Census  3356  Bramley, Wilsons Yard
John          Schoules H  M 55 labourer iron foundry Leeds
Ann           Schoules W  M 57                          Armley
Joseph        Schoules S  U 33 boiler maker             Leeds
Hannah        Schoules D  U 30 woollen cloth burler     Leeds
John          Schoules S  U 25 fireman for steam engine Leeds
George        Schoules S  U 17 labourer                 Bramley
Emma          SCHOULES D  - 14 scholar                  Bramley 
Alfred        Schoules S  -  9 scholar                  Bramley
1871 Census  4570-50  Burley, 87 Kirkstall Road
Samuel        LYNES    H  M 26 traction engine driver   Croydon CAM
Emma          LYNES    W  M 24 dress maker              YKS
Charles A     Lynes    S  -  4 scholar                  Leeds
Paulina       Lynes    D  -  2                          Leeds
1881 Census  4500-130  Stanningley (Bramley), 1 St Thomas Avenue
Joseph        Scholes  H  M 54 lab at iron works        Kirstall
Sarah         Scholes  W  M 36 w.c.w                    Bramley
Harriet Alice Scholes  Nc -  8 scholar                  Bramley!
1891 Census  3673-122  Stanningley (Bramley), 1 St Thomas Avenue
Joseph        Scholes  H  M 62 foundry lab              Leeds
Sarah         Scholes  W  M 46                          Stanningley
Harriot Alice Lynes   *AD - 11                          Leeds
              and lodgers
                     *AD = adopted daughter