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Sarah Kemplay was born at Leeds c.1828, the daughter of Joseph Kemplay, but her mother is not known, though the burial of Ann Kemplay at Leeds, St. Peter's Old Chapel, 16th April 1829 is significant.

It looks as if at some time between 1829 and 1841 Sarah Kemplay went to live with the GREENWOOD family (see below). (The Greenwood family were living in Mansfield until some time after 1831.) At the 1841 Census, 13-year old Sarah was lodging at Kirkstall with Joseph (a tailor) & Elizabeth Greenwood.

At the 1851 Census, Sarah was still living with the Greenwood family in Kirkstall.

Sarah Kemplay was next heard of in October 1855, when she witnessed the marriage of her widowed sister-in-law Ann Kemplay (formerly Midgley) to Thomas Appleyard. It is interesting to observe Sarah Kemplay clearly kept up with her brother George's widow (Ann), although they were not blood relatives.

At the 1861 Census, Sarah Kemplay was a clothes warden at a school in Gainford, County Durham. Gainford is roughly 10 miles north-west of Darlington, and one wonders how she came to take up this appointment.

At the 1871 Census, Sarah Kemplay was a nurse at The Knoll, Baildon, with Charles Stead and his family. (Charles was a director at Salt's of Saltaire, and had had this villa built for himself in 1858 on land he had purchased from Sir Titus Salt.) Sarah was still there nine years later when (now a domestic servant, age 52) she married (at Leeds Register Office, 22nd January 1880) George Hanson (time keeper, born in Bradford, age 44) who was at that time living in Cardigan Square, Kirkstall. Interestingly, one of the witnesses at the wedding was Sarah Greenwood (Joseph junior's wife, mentioned later). Sarah gave her father's name as Joseph Kemplay (deceased, shoemaker). It would appear that Sarah Kemplay had always kept in touch with the Greenwood's at Kirkstall, and probably met George Hanson while visiting them on one occasion. Sarah Greenwood's presence at this wedding is all the more interesting because her husband Joseph had been dead some 12 years, and yet she was still in touch with Sarah Kemplay, who was not a blood relation --- that we know of! There appears to have been some special affinity between the Kemplay's and Greenwood's, still to be discovered.

In the later Censuses, George and Sarah Hanson were at 6 Kendall Lane, Leeds, (1881) and 12 Kirkby's yard (1891). Finally, George (widower) was at 6 Kirby's Yard (1901). George remained a timekeeper at a clothing factory in that area. It would have been nice to know if Sarah Kemplay (later Hanson) also kept up with George Kemplay's daughter Ann (who was later married to Francis Lynes, and lived for many years in Kirkstall Road). The answer is probably Yes, but we may never know.


James Greenwood married (at Wakefield, All Saints, 31st December 1783) Hannah Pawson. Their children included:

Susan (baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 24th August 1784); married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 10th February 1805) James Dean. They had a daughter, Sarah Dean (baptised at Leeds, St. Peter, 29th April 1810), see later.

George (baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 25th January 1786).

Sarah (baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 26th December 1786).

John (born 5th April 1790, baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 2nd May 1790).

James (born 25th April 1791, baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 23rd August 1793).

Joseph (baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 5th July 1793); married at Mansfield, 28th August 1821) Elizabeth Frost (born at Mansfield, 1793, daughter of George & Elizabeth). Their first four children were born at Mansfield: (Joseph, Hannah, Sarah and George, born 1824-31).  

The family later moved to Kirkstall where their fifth child was born: Elizabeth (born 1837). See later.

Thomas (baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 5th August 1795).

Mary (born 17th October 1797, baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 1st January 1800).

Ann (baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 1st January 1800); married (at Manchester, Saints Mary, Denys & George, 28th September 1825) Joseph Swallow. They had several children, including Mary Ann, George and Joseph Swallow (born in Cheshire, 1830-36), see later. 

Elizabeth (baptised at Wakefield, All Saints, 29th October 1802), married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 13th January 1821) William Lister. At the 1851 Census, Elizabeth was a widow, and living with her were nephew and niece from Cheshire, George and Mary Ann Swallow.

At the 1841 Census, Joseph & Elizabeth Greenwood and their family were at Kirkstall, together with Sarah Dean (mentioned above) and Sarah Kemplay (mentioned earlier).

Elizabeth Greenwood (wife of Joseph) died age 66 and was buried at Kirkstall, St. Stephen, 18th November 1849.

At the 1851 Census, three of Joseph's children (Sarah, George and Elizabeth) were living together in Kirkstall, together with two of their cousins (Sarah Dean and Joseph Swallow), and also Sarah Kemplay. Their eldest brother Joseph had meanwhile married (1851) Sarah Brayshaw, and was living elsewhere in Kirkstall. More of his wife later. The head of household, Joseph Greenwood (widower, age 57) was in fact at Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Lane, Rawdon, where he was a tailor, perhaps employed repairing school uniforms. Joseph's assistant at the school was Henry Columbine (tailor, born at Mansfield, age 22). The Mansfield connection will be noted.

At the 1861 Census, Joseph Greenwood, still a tailor, but also a Wesleyan preacher, was now married to Jane (26 years his junior) and living at 20B Greengates Road, Eccleshill.

In 1880, Sarah Greenwood (widow of young Joseph who was born in 1824) witnessed the marriage between Sarah Kemplay and John Hanson, mentioned earlier. At the 1881 Census, Sarah Greenwood was living in Abbey Road, Kirkstall, together with five of her unmarried sons, three of whom were tailors.

George & Elizabeth Frost (mentioned earlier) also had a daughter "Hannah" baptised at Mansfield 1st November 1797. "Anne" Frost married Francis Raines at Mansfield, 5th March 1815, and their daughter Sarah was born at Mansfield June 1831. Alternatively, "Hannah" Frost married Samuel Jepson at Mansfield, 10th August 1823. So either way, it does not seem likely that the "Ann", who was the mother of George Kemplay, had anything to do with the Frost family. Ann Greenwood has already been ruled out, as having married Joseph Swallow.


1841 Census  1344/1-11  Leeds, Kirkstall
Joseph    Greenwood 45 tailor      Y  [born at Wakefield]
Elizabeth Greenwood 45             N  [born at Mansfield  NTM]
Joseph    Greenwood 17 tailor ap.  N  [born at Mansfield  NTM]
Hannah    Greenwood 15             N  [born at Mansfield  NTM]
Sarah     Greenwood 11             N  [born at Mansfield  NTM]
George    Greenwood  9             N  [born at Mansfield  NTM]
Elizabeth Greenwood  4             Y  [born at Kirkstall]
Sarah     Dean      30 weaver      Y  [niece]
Sarah     KEMPLAY   13 f.s.        Y
1851 Census  2285  Rawdon, Apperley Lane, Woodhouse Grove School
Joseph    Greenwood Tutor W 57 tailor                    Wakefield
1851 Census  2315-442  Kirkstall, 20 Club Row
Sarah     Greenwood D  U 20 straw bonnet maker           Mansfield  NTM
George    Greenwood S  U 19 smith                        Mansfield   
Elizabeth Greenwood D  U 14                              Kirkstall
Sarah     Dean      Nc U 40 servant                      Leeds         
Sarah     KEMPLAY   Lr U 21 drawer - woollen             Leeds
Joseph    Swallow   Nw U 14 pupil teacher                Stockport CHS
1861 Census  3717-45  Gainford DUR, School
Sarah     KEMPLAY   Sv S 32 clothes warden               Leeds YKS
1871 Census  4306-24  Baildon, Knowl Hall 
Charles   Stead     H  M 48 worsted manufacturer         Leeds
Lucy      Stead     W  M 46                              Pudsey
          and family, plus servants including
Sarah     KEMPLAY   Sv S 36! nurse                       Leeds
1881 Census  4534-20  Leeds, 6 Kendall Lane
George    Hanson    H  M 45 time-keeper clothing factory Bradford
Sarah     HANSON    W  M 52                              Leeds
1891 Census  3708-24  Leeds, 12 Kirkby's Yard
George    Hanson    H  M 55 time keeper                  Bradford
Sarah     HANSON    W  M 58!                             Leeds
1901 Census  4240-82  Leeds, 6 Kirby's Yard
George    HANSON    H  W 64 timekeeper, factory          Bradford
1911 Census not found