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[SAUV351] Richard the Dane (born c.885, son of [TONY361] Haldrich/Malahule Eysteinsson of More, see TONY), of Saint-Sauveur, died c.933.

[SAUV361] Neil/Nigel I (born c.915), Vicomte de Saint-Sauveur.

[SAUV371] Roger (born c.940), Vicomte de Saint-Sauveur.

[FHAM321] Hamon aux dents (born c.980, son of Roger) is dealt with under HAMON.

[SAUV381] Neil/Nigel II (born c.964, son of Roger), Vicomte de Saint-Sauveur, died c.1045.

[FNIG401] Ivo (son of Neil II), Vicomte de Cotentin, is described under FITZNIGEL.

[SAUV391] Neil/Nigel III ([born c.995], son of Neil II), Vicomte de Saint-Sauveur, married [EUEU342] Adela d'Eu (daughter of [EUEU331] Count William of the Hiesmos, presumably [EUEU321] Guillaume, 3rd Count of Eu, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP, SECOMD HOUSE). He may also have had a concubine. He died 1042.

[ARUN331] William d'Aubigny (born c.1015, son of Neil III, though perhaps illegitimate) is dealt with under ARUNDEL (AUBIGNY) EARLDOM.

[SAUV401] Yvron Bellomontensis de Cotentin (son of [SAUV391] Neil/Nigel II (see earlier), Vicomte du Cotentin, married [RENN352] Emma Lupus, Countess of Brittany (daughter of Count Geoffrey I, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY).. He died 12th April 1059. See also FITZNIGEL.

[DUTT421] Odard de Dutton (born 1046, son of Yvron), is dealt with under DUTTON..


[CHAP391] Thurstan Haldup, but referred to in a charter as simply "Richard called Thurstan Haldup", married (c.1032) Emma/Anna de La Haye.

[HAYE411] Ralph de La Haye (born c.1043, son of Thurstan) is dealt with under DE LA HAYE below.

[CHAP401] Eudo (born c.1035, son of Thurstan), Seneschal of La Chapelle-Saint-Sauveur, married [CONT329] Muriel (born c.1041, daughter of Herluin see CONTEVILLE). Prior to their marriage, Muriel had an illegitimate child:

[VALO421] Peter de Valognes (see VALOGNES) for further details.

Afterwards Eudo and Muriel had at least one child as follows:

[CHAP412] Muriel de Chapelle (born c.1062, daughter of Eudo & Muriel) married 1 .[TICK341] Roger de Busli/Builly (see TICKHILL FEUDAL LORDSHIP), then 2. [KOLS411] Kolsveinn (see KOLSVEINN below).

Eudo was killed at the Battle of Hastings (1066). Afterwards Muriel married [MASS421] Guillaume de la Ferte-Mace (see MASSEY)


[KOLS411] Kolsveinn (Colswein), feudal Lord of Brattleby (Lincolnshire), married (c.1100) [CHAP419] Muriel (see CHAPELLE-SAINT-SAUVEUR above).

At the Domesday Survey (1086) only two English Barons still retained land they held under King Edward the Confessor. Firstly, [ARDE421] Thorkell/Turchil of Arden (Warks), (see ARDEN). Secondly, Kolsveinn of Lincolnshire, who certainly left a daughter, Muriel, who married a Norman. (Note that the names Thorkell and Kolsveinn possibly indicate Scandinavian influence, rather than Anglo-Saxon, which is perhaps why they retained their lands after the Conquest.) Kolsveinn was tenant-in-chief of some fifty Manors in Lincolnshire, including Brattleby and Great Carlton.

[KOLS422] Muriel (born c.1105, daughter of Kolsveinn) married [HAYE421] Robert de la Haye (see DE LA HAYE below).


[HAYE411] Ralph de la Haye (born c.1043, son of [CHAP391] Thurstan, see under CHAPELLE-SAINT-SAUVEUR above), Seneschal de Mortain, married [ARUN342] Olivia d'Aubigny (see ARUNDEL (AUBIGNY) EARLDOM, daughter of the afore-mentioned [ARUN331] William d'Aubigny).

[HAYE421] Robert de la Haye (born c.1085, son of [HAYE411] Ralph de la Haye, see earlier under SAINT-SAUVEUR), Lord of Halnac, married [KOLS422] Muriel (born c.1105, daughter of [KOLS411] Kolsveinn (Colswein), feudal Lord of Brattleby (Lincs), see KOLSVEINN above). Robert died 1134-35.

[HAYE432] Cecily de la Haye (daughter of Robert) married Roger de St. John. He also had a relationship with [CONT329] Muriel (half-sister of William the Conqueror and sister of Bishop Odo of Bayeux, see CONTEVILLE).).

[HAYE433] Ranulf de la Haye (born c.1120, possibly son of Robert), married Adelaise de Essex (unknown origin)

[HAYE441] Geoffrey de la Haye (born c.1145, son of Ranulf).

[HAYE452] Margaret de la Haye (born c.1188, daughter of Geoffrey) married [GLAN461]  Sir Geoffrey de Glanville (see GLANVILLE)

[HAYE431] Richard de la Haye (born c.1125, son of Robert), hereditary custodian of Lincoln Castle, married [VERN372] Maud (daughter of William de Vernon, see VERNON). He died 1169.

[HAYE442] Nichola de la Haye (daughter & heiress of Richard) married 1. William FitzErneis; then 2. (c.1178) [CAMV441] Gerard de Camville (see CAMVILLE).

[HAYE443] Lucy de la Haye (daughter of Richard) married [HOMM381] William du Hommet (see HOMMET).