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[SAVA391] Thomas le Sieur de Savage (born c.1000), of Bedford, Normandie.

[SAVA401] John de Savage (born c.1024, at Scarcliffe, Derbys).

 [SAVA411] Adam de Savage (born 1049, at Scarclifffe, Mansfield) married ---  Savage (daughter of [DERB351] Henry de Ferrieres & Bertha de l'Aigle, see DERBY (FERRIERES EARLDOM).

[SAVA421] Robert de Savage (born c.1073, at Stainesby, Derbys) married Avice.

SAVA431] John de Savage (born 1098, at Stainsby) married Lettice.

[SAVA441] Sir Geoffrey de Savage (born 1120, at Stainsby).

[SAVA451] Sir John de Savage (born 1144, at Stainsby).

[SAVA461] John de Savage (born 1185, at Stainsby) married Avice.

[SAVA471] Sir John de Savage (born 1220, at Stainsby) married Agatha. John died 28th July 1275.

[SAVA481] Sir John de Savage (born c.1250, at Stainsby) married [STAN482] Abigail, Lady of Shropshire (daughter of [STAN471] Sir Stephen Stanton & Katherine la Clauer, see STANTON).

[SAVA491] Sir Thomas de Savage (born 1285, at Stainsby) married Abigail Cheney.

[SAVA501] Sir Robert de Savage (brnc.1318, at Cheadle, Cheshire) married Amica.

[SAVA511] Sir John Savage I (born 1343, at Cheadle) married [DANZ512] Margaret Legh (daughter of [DANZ501] Thomas Danyers of Over Tabley & Isabel, see DANYERS below). Margaret died  24th June 1428.

[SAVA521] Sir John Savage I (born 1370, at Clifton, Runcorn, son of Sir John Savage of Stainsby & Margaret Legh), knighted by King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt (25th October 1415). Sir John marrIed 1. Ellen; then 2 [SWIN522] Maud de Swynnerton (born c.1370, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth, see SWINNERTON). John died 1st August 1450.

[SAVA532] Margaret Savage (born c.1433, daughter of Sir John Savage II of Clifton & Maud) married [DUTT531] John Dutton, 13th Lord of Dutton (see DUTTON).


[DANZ461] Robert d'Anyers I (born 1172, at Tabley, Cheshire). He died 1240.

[DANZ471]  Robert d'Anyers II (born c.1205, at Tabley, son of Robert). He died c.1260.

[DANZ481] Sir Thomas d'Anyers I  (born c.1236, at Tabley, son of Robert). He died c.1285.

[DANZ491] William Danyers (born c.1250, son of Thomas d'Anyers I), Sheriff of Cheshire, married 1. Agnes; then 2. Margaret. William died 1306.

[DANZ501] Sir Thomas Danyers (born 1295 at High Legh, Cheshire, son of William & Agnes), marred 1. [TABL502] Margaret Tabley (born 1296, daughter of Adam de Tabley & Beatrix, see TABLEY below), died c.1323; then 2. Jane Norris.

[DANZ512 Margaret Danyers (daughter of Sir Thomas & Margaret) married [SAVA511] Sir John Savage I (see SAVAGE above).


[TABL481] Robert Tabley

[TABL491] Adam Tabley, Lord of Cheadle, married [BEXT492] Beatrix.Bexton (daughter of [BEXT481] John Bexton & Clementia de Cheadle) 

[TABL502] Margaret Tabley (daughter of Adam) married [DANZ501] Sir Thomas Danyers (see DANYERS above.