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[SCAL421] Roger I de Scales m1. Muriel; 2. Agnes de Rivell
. [SCAL431] Robert I de Scales m. Alice
. . [SCAL441] Roger II de Scales m. Margery de Beaufou
. . . [SCAL451] Robert II de Scales m. Alice de Roucestre
. . . . [SCAL461] Robert III de Scales m1. Alice
. . . . . [SCAL471] Robert IV de Scales m. Isabel de Burnell
. . . . . . [SCAL481] Sir Robert V de Scales m. [COUR412] Egeline de Courtenay
. . . . . . . [SCAL492] Petronilla de Scales m. [BOVI492] Sir John de Boville

[SCAL421] Roger I de Scales (born c.1104), married 1. Muriel de Liscuris (born c.1102), by which he acquired lands in Norfolk, in particular at Middleton; then 2. Agnes de Rivell (daughter of William de Rivell & Agnes nee Lodne), by which he inherited Worlingham, Suffolk. Roger & his wife Muriel founded Blackborough Priory, near Middleton, (c.1150). Another source shows Roger born, say, 1123, which suggests some of these 12th Century dates have been guesses.

[SCAL431] Robert I de Scales (born c.1129, mother not stated), married (c.1158) Alice (born c.1138). He died September 1201.

[SCAL441] Roger II de Scales (born c.1159), married (c.1189) Margery (born c.1172, daughter of Fulk de Beaufou [Bella Fago] of Hockwood cum Wilton, born c.1147). He died June 1215.

[SCAL451] Robert II de Scales (born c.1194), Justiciar in Norfolk, married (c.1218) Alice (born c.1199, daughter of [RCST471] Sir Ralph de Rochester, Lord of Newselles, Herts, & Rivenhall, Essex, see ROCHESTER), and thereby became Lord of Newselles. He died January 1250, and Alice died c.1275.

[SCAL461] Robert III de Scales (born c.1219, eldest son), married (c.1248) 1. Alice; then 2. Clemence (born 1225). He died January 1267, and afterwards Clemence married 2. (c.1275) Roger de Vaux.

[SCAL471] Robert IV de Scales (born c.1249, son of Robert & Alice), married (c.1278) Isabel (born c.1255, illegitimate daughter [or perhaps niece] of Robert de Burnell, Bishop of Bath & Wells, 1275-92). He became 1st Baron Scales (1299). He died September 1305. After her death, Isabel was placed in a sepulchre at Blackborough Priory.

[SCAL481] Sir Robert V de Scales (born c.1279, son of Robert & Isabel), 2nd Baron Scales, Knight of the Bath (1305), married (c.1309) [COUR412] Egeline de Courtenay  (born c.1282, daughter of Sir Hugh de Courtenay, see COURTENAY). He died 20th March 1324-25, and Egeline died 10th October 1335.

[SCAL492] Petronilla de Scales (born c.1304, daughter & heiress of Robert), married (c.1321) [BOVI492] Sir John de Boville (see BOVILLE).

[SCAL491] Sir Robert de Scales (born c.1311, son of Robert & Egeline), 3rd Baron Scales, married [UFFO492] Catherine d'Ufford (daughter of Robert de Ufford III, 1st Earl of Suffolk, see SUFFOLK (UFFORD) EARLDOM). He died 13th August 1369.

[SCAL502] Margaret de Scales (born c.1339, daughter of Robert de Scales and Catherine) married [HOWA511] Robert Howard (see HOWARD).