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According to Blomefield in his History of Norfolk, in the reign of King Henry II Roger de Scales was lord of Middleton manor, and was descended from Harlewin de Scalariis, Lord of Waddon in Cambridgeshire, at te Conqeust

[SCAL421] Roger I de Scales (born c.1104), married 1. Muriel de Liscuris (born c.1102, daughter & coheir of Jeffrey de Lisewis, son of William Lisewis), and by this marriage he acquired lands in Norfolk, in particular at Middleton; then 2. Agnes de Rivell (daughter of William de Rivell & Agnes nee Lodne), by which he inherited Worlingham, Suffolk. Roger & his wife Muriel founded Blackborough Priory, near Middleton, (c.1150). Another source shows Roger born, say, 1123, which suggests some of these 12th Century dates have been guesses.

[SCAL431] Robert I de Scales (born c.1129, mother not stated but FabPedigree shows as Muriel), married (c.1158) Alice (born c.1138). He died September 1201.

[SCAL441] Roger II de Scales (born c.1159), married (c.1189) Margery de Beaufor (born c.1172, daughter of Fulk de Beaufou [Bella Fago], Lord of Hockwold cum Wilton, born c.1147). He died June 1215.

[SCAL451] Robert II de Scales (born c.1194), Justiciar in Norfolk, married (c.1218) Alice de Rochester (born c.1199, daughter of [RCST471] Sir Ralph de Rochester, Lord of Newselles, Herts, & Rivenhall, Essex, see ROCHESTER), and thereby became Lord of Newselles. He died January 1250, and Alice died c.1275.

[SCAL461] Robert III de Scales (born c.1219, eldest son), married (c.1248) 1. Alice; then 2. Clemence of Middleton (born 1225). He died January 1267, and afterwards Clemence married 2. (c.1275) Roger de Vaux (though Blomefield shows Sir Robert de Vaux).

[SCAL471] Robert IV de Scales (born c.1249, son of Robert & Alice, though FabPedigree shows of Clemence instead, and Blomefield says "probably by Clementia"), married (c.1278) Isabel de Burnell (born c.1255, illegitimate daughter [or perhaps niece] of Robert de Burnell, Bishop of Bath & Wells, 1275-92). He became 1st Baron Scales (1299). He died September 1305. After her death, Isabel was placed in a sepulchre at Blackborough Priory.

[SCAL481] Sir Robert V de Scales (born c.1279, son of Robert & Isabel), 2nd Baron Scales, Knight of the Bath (1305), married (c.1309) [COUR412] Egeline de Courtenay (born c.1282 [perhaps c.1279, based on date of birth of her grand-daughter Margaret de Boville],, daughter of Sir Hugh de Courtenay, see COURTENAY). He died 20th March 1324-25, and Egeline died 10th October 1335.

[SCAL492] Petronilla de Scales (born c.1304 at Middleton [perhaps c.1295, based on the date of birth of her daughter  [BOVI492] Margaret de Boville, see BOVILLE], daughter & heiress [latter unlikely] of Robert), married (c.1321) [BOVI492] Sir John de Boville (see BOVILLE).

[SCAL491] Sir Robert de Scales (born c.1311, son of Robert & Egeline), 3rd Baron Scales, married [UFFO492] Catherine d'Ufford (daughter of Robert de Ufford III, 1st Earl of Suffolk, see SUFFOLK (UFFORD) EARLDOM). He died 13th August 1369.

[SCAL502] Margaret de Scales (born c.1339, daughter of Robert de Scales and Catherine) married [HOWA511] Robert Howard (see HOWARD).