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[TOUL241] Childebrand I de Perrecy (born at Perrecy, c.695, son of Peppin by a concubine, probably Aupais), Seigneur de Perrecy, Count Autun, Count of Bourgogne [Burgundy], Duke of Provence. He married 1. Rolande de Merovingia (born c.696, daughter of Bertha de Merovingia); then 2. (c.721) Emma de Austrasia. He died  9th October 768. See also under TOULOUSE COUNTY.

[SENS261] Nivelon/Nibelung I de Perrecy (born at Perrecy, c.725, son of Childebrand & Rolande), "the historian". He died 9th October 768.

[SENS271] Childebrand II de Perrecy (born c.750), Missi d'Autunois, Seigneur de Perrecy, married Dunne d'Autun. He died 826.

[TIRR281] Eccard (son of Childebrand), is described under TIRRELL.

[SENS281] Thierry d'Autun (born c.799, son of Childebrand) married (late in life) [PROT302] Richilde d'Arles ([born c.823] daughter of Count Boson III the old, see PROVENCE (TURIN LINE) KINGDOM). Richilde had previously married 1. Count Budwine of Metz. He died 30th November 880.

[SENS291] Richard d'Autun (born c.833).

[SENS301] Warner/Garnier (born c.868), Vicomte de Sens, Count of Troyes, married [PROT323] Teutberga (daughter of Count Thibaut, see PROVENCE (TURIN LINE) KINGDOM). He was killed in battle with the Normans (8th December 924), and Teutberga died c.948.

[SENS312] Teutberga (daughter of Garnier) married [PRO5332] Count Charles-Constantine (see PROVENCE KINGDOM).

[SENV311] Hugh de Vienne (born c.900, son of Garnier), Count Palatine of Burgundy, married [JUST323] Willa de Burgundy (daughter of Richard II, see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF AUTUN) KINGDOM).

[SENV322] Teutberga (daughter of Hugh) married 1. [FORE311] Count Artaud II, see FOREZ COUNTY); and perhaps 2. Count Pons of Gevaudan & Forez.

[SENS311] Fromond I (born c.894, son of Garnier) was Vicomte de Sens. He died 13th August 948.

[SENS321] Renaud I le vieux (born c.937), Count of Sens, died c.996.

[SENS331] Fromond II de Sens (born 960, son of Renaud I), Count of Sens, married [ROUC334] Gerberge de Roucy (daughter of Count Renard, see ROUCY COUNTY). He died c.1012.

[SENS341] Fromond III de Sens (born 980), Count of Sens & Joigny. He died 1029.

[SENS352] Mainfrede de Sens (born 999, daughter of Fromond III) married 1. (by 1012) [JOIG331] Geoffroi de Joigny (see GENEVILLE BARONY); then 2. (1024) [BRI2339] Count Engelbert III (see BRIENNE COUNTY).