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(in East Lothian)

The decent is very obscure with numerous attempts made to sort it out. Some were brothers rather than father and son. The following is therefore just one of many alternatives put forward. All that can be guaranteed is that it is inaccurate.

[SETO361] Sir Dougall de Seton, or Walter the Fleming, married Janet Ne. This contradicts the next entry.

[SETO371] Sir Seier de Lens, Secher de Seton, ([born c.1056], aka Saher the Fleming, (possibly eldest son of [LENS331] Count Lambert, see LENS COUNTY), held Setoun in East Lothian. [Seir= French for Baron.]

[SETO381] Sir Walter de Lens [born c.1060], aka Walter le Fleming and in Scotland as Dougal [=dark stranger], possibly married Janet.

[SETO392] --- ([born c.1125 unlikely], daughter of Walter) married [CRAW431] Walter II de Lindsay (born 1212, see LINDSAY).

The following events, in particular the connection with the Chamberlain family, are finally dependent on the verification of the reliability of [SETO522] Elizabeth Elton in (born 1424)

[SETO391] Sir Alexander de Seton (born c.1087)

[SETO401] Sir Philip Seton  (born c.1135), married Alice (daughter of Waldeve, 4th Earl of Dunbar)

Sir Alexander I Seton. married Margaret (daughter of Sir Walter de Berkeley). This generation is ignored

[SETO421] Sir Alexander II Seton de Wintoun (born 1164).

[SETO431] Sir Adam Seton (born c.1190) married Jonet Gifford of Yester (born c.1192, daughter of Sir Roger Gifford of Clovelly & Yester, East Lothian). Adam died 1249.

[SETO441] Si Christell [Christopher] de Seton (born c.1214) married Maud de Percy. Christell died 1298.

[SETO451] Sir Christopher de Seton (born c.1240) married Agnes Dunbar. Christopher died 1307.

[SETO461] Sir Alexander III de Seton (born 1242) married 1. Janet Gifford; then 2. FitzDuncan. Alexander died 1307.

[SETO471] Sir Alexander IV de Seton (born 1266) married Christian Cheyne (daughter of Francis le Cheyne of Straloch). Alexander died c.1350.

[SETO482] Margaret de Seton (born 1325), daughter & heiress of Alexander & Christian, married (1347) her first-cousin [WYNT501] Sir Alan de Wyntoun..

[WYNT481] Sir Alan de Wyntoun (born 1291, son of Alan de Winton & Margaret de Bothwell) married (1347) [SETO502] Margaret de Seton (born 1325, daughter of Alexander de Seton & Christian Cheyne). Alan died 1347.

[SETO491] Sir William I Seatun (born c.1343, as William de Wyntoin), 1st Lord Seton (1371), married Janet Fleming (born 1352, at Biggar). He died c.1410.

[SETO501] Sir John Seaton (born 1370), 2nd Lord Seton, married Katherine Sinclair of Herdsmanstoun, died c.1441, at Seton, and buried at Tranent.

[ SETO511] Sir William Seton born c.1393, married Janet Dunbar of March (born 1390, daughter of 10th / 11th Earl of Dunbar & 4th Earl of March by Beatrix of Dunbar),.William died 17th August 1424 in the Battle of Berneuil, Charente, France, (fighting on the French side). Beatrix died after 1434.

[SETO522] Elizabeth Elton (born 1424 at Prestbury, allleged illegitimate daughter of William Seaton  & --- Elton) married John Chamberlain (see CHAMBERLAIN-2). This  entry needs confirmation.

[SETO521] Sir George Seton (born c.1404, 3rd Lord Seaton, married 1. Christian Murray; then 2. Margaret Stewart. He died 15th July 1478.


[KEYN551] Sir Thomas Keynes (born 1421), married [TYRE551] Cecily de Tyringham (born 1425, see TYRINGHAM bellow). Sir Thomas died 1500 and Cecily died 24th July 1507 in the Abbey, Quarr, Isle of Wight.

                               new Quarr Abbey, Isle of Wight
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[KEYN562] Agnes Keynes (born 1456) married [CHAB561] John Chamberlaine II (see CHAMBERLAIN-2)


[TYRE511] John de Tyringham. married Isabel Broughton.

[TYRE552] Cecily de Tyringham  (born 1425, at Prestbury), married [KEYN551] Sir Thomas Keynes (see KEYNES above)


[KING561] Thomas Kingston (born 1421). Thomas died 1500.    entry to be confirmed

[KING572] Clemencia Kingston (born 1484) married (1503) [CHAB571] Sir William Chamberlain (see CHAMBERLAIN-2).