IGI denotes details extracted from International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source

[SHAR591] Rowland Sharman m. ?
. [SHAR601] Nicholas Shereman m. [SCUL602] Alice Sculthrop
. . [SHAR611] Nicholas Sharman m. Anna
. . . [SHAR621] Nicholas Sharman m. Ann
. . . . [SHAR631] Nicholas Sharman m2. [JONE632] Lucy Jones
. . . . . [SHAR641] Nicholas Sharman m. [WRIG642] Elizabeth Wright
. . . . . . [SHAR651] Nicholas Sharman m. [SMTC652] Charlotte Smith
. . . . . . . [SHAR652] Charlotte Sharman m. [SMTH661] William Smith

[SHAR591] Rowland Sharman witnessed 2 wills at Bringhurst, in 1605 and 1607. He then made an indenture in 1637 between himself and his son and heir [SHAR601] Nicholas, which suggests he could have been on the point of dying.

[SHAR601] Nicholas Shereman married (at Barrowden, 6th June 1624) [SCUL602] Alice Sculthrop. They had several children born and baptised at Barrowden as follows:

It is possible that Nicholas afterwards married (at Tinwell, 6th May 1628 IGI) 2. Alice Bingham, in which case his son Nicholas could have been born to his second wife.

Nicholas made an indenture with his father, Rowland, both of Bringhurst (April 1637). There are no surviving parish registers at Bringhurst before 1640 (baptisms) or burials (1670).

[SHAR611] Nicholas Sharman and his wife Anna had seven children born and baptised at Bringhurst as follows:

Nicholas (a yeoman) died at Bringhurst (buried there 29th October 1686), and Anna died at Bringhurst also (buried there 31st July 1710). Nicholas left a will (made out on his death-bed), leaving his freehold lands to his wife "Ann". His children were to receive: Mary 20 when 21, Ann 20, Elizabeth (by then married to Thomas Curtney) 1s. The residue to be shared between his wife Ann and their son Nicholas. 

[SHAR621] Nicholas Sharman (born 1668) and his wife Ann had ten children born and baptised at Bringhurst as follows:

Nicholas died intestate at Bringhurst (buried there 27th November 1712), and administration of his estate was granted to Ann. The subsequent inventory gave an approximate value of 180. Ann died at Bringhurst also (buried there 1st April 1715, though the register simply shows "Sharman").

[SHAR631] Nicholas Sharman (born 1698) married 1. (at Great Easton, 23rd June 1726) Sarah Hall.



Great Easton Church
(20 August 2014)

They had one child born and baptised at Bringhurst as follows:

Sarah died at Bringhurst (buried there 12th April 1729), and afterwards Nicholas married 2. (by licence, at Market Harborough, 13th November 1729) [JONE632] Lucy Jones (born 1709, see JONES), of Great Easton.



Market Harborough Church
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They had eight children born and baptised at Bringhurst as follows:

Lucy died at Bringhurst (buried there 15th September 1773). 

[SHAR641] Nicholas Sharman (born 1735, son of Nicholas & Lucy) married (at Bringhurst, 4th August 1761) [WRIG642] Elizabeth Wright (born 1741, see WRIGHT), witnessed by J Fox (parish clerk) and J Walton.



Bringhurst Church
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They had nine children born and baptised at Bringhurst as follows:

Elizabeth died (age 55) at Bringhurst (buried there 4th June 1796), and Nicholas died at Bringhurst also (buried there 8th March 1812).

[SHAR651] Nicholas Sharman (born 1772) married (at Caldecott, 29th October 1792) [SMTC652] Charlotte Smith (born 1768), witnessed by Edwd. Muggleton (parish clerk) and Abraham Seaton (who married Ann Smith in 1786). They had nine children born as follows:

Charlotte died (age 76, of "natural decay") at Bringhurst (27th November 1844). Nicholas was recorded as being in Uppingham Workhouse with "flu" (June 1846), and died (age 79, of influenza) at Bringhurst (31st December 1851). Place and dates of their burial are not known.


Nicholas Sharman   =   Charlotte Smith

1841 Census  589/8-5  Bringhurst (LEI)
Nicholas  SHARMAN      65 ag lab Y
Charlotte SHARMAN      70        N      [prob born NTH/RUT]
1851 Census  2093-251  Bringhurst
Robert   Wright   H  M 79 weaver Bringhurst
Sarah    Wright   W  M 66        Wakerley NTH
Nicholas SHARMAN  Lr W 78        Bringhurst