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[SPOL321] Count Hugh of Saint-Pol and Ternois m. [PONT312] Elisende de Ponthieu
. [SPOL332] Rosella de Saint-Pol m. [GUIS321] Count Raoul of Guisnes
. [SPOL331] Count Roger I of Saint-Pol and Ternois m. Hedwig de Ponthieu
. . [SPOL341] Hugh I or Manasses or Robert of Saint-Pol m. ?
. . . [SPOL351] Count Hugh II of Saint-Pol m. [PONT345] Helisende of Ponthieu
. . . . [SPOL361] Count Hugh III of Saint-Pol m1. Beatrix
. . . . . [SPOL371] Count Anselme of Saint-Pol m2. Eustache de Champagne
. . . . . . [SPOL382] Beatrice de Saint-Pol m. [PON1381] Count John I of Ponthieu

[SPOL321] Hugh (born c.990), Count of Saint-Pol and Ternois, married [PONT312] Elisende de Ponthieu (born c.995, daughter of Seigneur Hughes, see PONTHIEU AND MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[SPOL332] Roselle (born c.1015, daughter of Hugh II), married [GUIS321] Count Raoul see GUISNES COUNTY).

[SPOL331] Roger I, Count of Saint-Pol and Ternois, married 1. (before 1045) Berthe; then 2. Hedwig [possibly de Ponthieu]. He died June 1067. Roger I had three children, by unknown wife, one of whom was the father of Hughes II.

[SPOL341] Hugh I, Count of Saint-Pol (died c.1070); or Manasses de Saint-Pol (died c.1056); or Robert de Saint-Pol.

[SPOL351] Hugh II (son of Hugh I, Manasses or Roger), Count of Saint-Pol, married (before 1091) [PONT345] Helisende de Ponthieu (daughter of Count Enguerrand II, see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY). He died c.1118-19.

[SPOL361] Hugh III candavene (son of Hugh II), Count of Saint-Pol, married 1. Beatrix [? de Artois]; then 2. (c.1128) Marguerite de Clermont (widow of Count Charles of Flanders, and daughter of Count Renaud II of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, see CLERMONT (2)). After Hugh died, Marguerite married 3. Baudouin d'Encre. He died c.1145.

[SPOL371] Anselme candavene (son of Hugh & Beatrix), Seigneur de Lucheux, Seigneur de Tarentefirt, Count of Saint-Pol (1170), married 1. ---; then 2. Eustache de Champagne (divorced wife of Earl Geoffrey of Essex, see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM, and daughter of --- & his wife Isabelle); then 3. Mathilde. Anselme died c.1175, and afterwards Mathilde married 2. Hughes de Chaumont.

[SPOL382] Beatrice (daughter of [SPOL371] Count Anselme & 1st unnamed wife) married [PON1381] Count John I (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[SPOL381] Hugh IV (son of Anselme), Count of Saint-Pol (1174-1205), Lord of Demotika in Thrace (1204-05), married [HAIN393] Yolanda of Hainault (see HAINAULT). Died in Constantinople (1205), Yolande died c.1219 (apparently then the wife of Pierre de Courtenay, EMPEROR OF BYZANTIUM). .

[SPOL322] Elisabeth (daughter of Hugh IV) married (1196) [CHAX471] Gaucher III of Chatillon (see CHATILLON).



[ISAA331] Count Isaac of Cambrai m. [CAMB292] Berthe de Cambrai
. [ISAA341] Count & Bishop Arnaud of Cambrai m. [LOOZ312] Berthe von Betuwe
. . [ISAA351] Chatelain Walter I de Cambrai m. ?
. . . [ISAA361] Chatelain Walter II de Cambrai m. Ermentrude de Cambrai
. . . . [ISAA372] Adela de Cambrai m. [HANS311] Seigneur Hugh I de Oisy, Chatelain de Oisy

[ISAA331] Isaac de Valenciennes (born c.890, of unknown origin) married [CAMB292] Berthe de Cambrai (see CAMBRAI-2 below), and thereby became Count of Cambrai. He died 30th April 948.

ISAA342] Judith (daughter of Isaac) married Amaury (see HAINAULT COUNTY).

[ISAA341] Arnaud (born c.922, son of Isaac), Count & Bishop of Cambrai, married [LOOZ312] Berthe von Betuwe (see LOOZ COUNTY). He died 967.

[ISAA351] Walter I (born c.952, son of Arnaud), Chatelain de Cambrai. He died 1011.

[ISAA361] Walter II (born c.972), Chatelain de Cambrai, married (c.1007) Ermentrude de Cambrai. He was murdered 1041, and afterwards Ermentrude married 2. Jean d'Arras, who thereby became Chatelain de Cambrai.

[ISAA372] Adela (born c.1008, daughter of Walter II) married [HANS311] Seigneur Hugh I de Oisy (see HANSLOPE). However, another reliable source shows Adela married Hugh, Chatelain de Douai (Oisy), and that their son Gauthier de Douai (who married Ermengarde), was also Chatelain def Douai, but afterwards (at 1086) held land in Surrey, Somerset and Devon in 1086. The inference is that Hugh was both Chatelain de Oisy and Seigneur de Oisy.

For Hugh de Douai, see FLEMING from :-

 [FLEM231] Hugh de Douai, Seigneur d'Oisy, married [ISAA372] Adele de Cambrai


[ROBE271] Abbot Hugh (perhaps of St. Quentin) m. ?
. [CAMB261] Count Adalheim of Laon m. ?
. . [CAMB271] Count Gautier of Leon m. [DILL282] Helwise de Gouy
. . . [CAMB281] Count Raoul of Cambrai m. Alaidis d'Amiens
. . . . [VALS281] Count Raoul II of Ostrevant, Amiens and Valois m. [VEXN282] Liedgarde du Vexin
. . . . [CAMB292] Berthe de Cambrai m. [ISAA331] Count Isaac of Cambrai
. . . . [CAMB293] Aleidis de Cambrai m. [BOUR291] Count Raoul of Bourges

[CAMB261] Adalheim (brother of March Count Robert le forte of Neustria, son of [ROBE271] Abbot Hugh, see ROBERTIAN HOUSE), Count of Laon.

[CAMB271] Gautier, Count of Laon, married [DILL282] Helwise de Gouy (daughter of Count Hucbald, see DILLINGEN COUNTY). After Gautier died, Helwise married 2. either Count Roger I of Laon or Count Roger II of Laon.

[CAMB281] Raoul/Rodolphe de Cambrai, Count of Cambrai, married Alaidis d'Amiens (born c.870, daughter of Eghard d'Amiens). He was murdered at Cambrai (17th June 896).

[VALS281] Raoul II de Gouy (son of Raoul I) is described under VALOIS COUNTY.

[CAMB292] Berthe (daughter of Raoul I) married [ISAA331] Count Isaac (see CAMBRAI-1 above).

[CAMB293] Alaidis/Hildegarde (daughter of Raoul I) married [BOUR291] Raoul de Valois (see BOURGES (2)).