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[VALE311] Advocate Gilbert of Saint-Valerie m. [NORM319] Papia de Normandy

. [VALE322] Richard FitzGilbert de Saint-Valerie m. Ada de Hugleville (widow)

. . [VALE332] Ada de Hugleville m. [NEWF431] Geoffrey de Neufmarche

. [VALE321] Bernard de Saint-Valerie m. Eleanor de Dammartin

. . [VALE331] Gautier de Saint-Valerie m. [MON3344] Elizabeth de Montlhery

. . . [VALE341] Bernard III de Saint-Valerie m. ?

. . . . [VALE351] Reginald de Saint-Valerie m. ?

. . . . . [VALE362] Joane de Saint-Valerie m. [BXXX431] William de Beauchamp of Elmley

. . . . . [VALE361] Bernard IV de Saint-Valerie m1. Maud; m2. Eleanor de Domnart

. . . . . . [VALE373] Maud de Saint-Valerie m. [ABER371] Lord William of Abergavenny

[VALE311] Gilbert (born c.977, Advocate de Saint-Valerie, Protector of the Monastery at Fecamp, married [NORM319] Papia (illegitimate daughter of DUKE RICHARD I, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM).

[VALE322] Richard FitzGilbert de Saint-Valerie (born c.1008, son of Bernard) married Ada (widow of Herluin Hugleville). He became Seigneur de Hugleville & Auffey.

[VALE332] Ada de Hugleville (born c.1030, at Saint-Valerie-en-Caux, Normandy, daughter of Richard) married [NEWF431] Geoffrey de Neufmarche (see NOVA MERCATO).

[VALE321] Bernard de Saint-Valerie (born c.1005, son of Gilbert), married Eleanor de Dammartin. He was killed at the Battle of Hastings (14th October 1066).

[VALE331] Gautier de Saint-Valerie (born c.1035, son of Bernard)) married [MON3344] Elizabeth de Montlhery (daughter of Count Guy I, see MONTLHERY). He was present (with his son) at the capture of Nikaia (1097).

[VALE341] Bernard III de Saint-Valerie, was present (with his father) at the capture of Nikaia (1097).

[VALE351] Reginald II de Saint-Valerie (born c.1094) granted Tetbury Church (Gloucs) to Eynesham Abbey (c.1160). He died 1166.

[VALE362] Joane (daughter of Reginald) married [BXXX431] William of Elmley (see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM).

[VALE361] Bernard IV de Saint-Valerie (born c.1117) married 1. Maud; then 2. Eleanor de Domnart (born in Picardie, 1128). He died c.1190.

[VALE373] Maud "Lady of La Haie" (born at Bramber, c.1150] daughter of Bernard, but mother not known) married [ABER371] Lord William (see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY).

[VALE374] Laurette (born in Normandy, 1163, daughter of Seigneur Bernard, but mother not known) married (as his 2nd wife) [PON1381] Count John I (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY). John was Count 1147-91