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[STAX431] Robert de Stafford (born c.1039, younger son of [TONY401] Roger de Toeni, see TONY), married (c.1064) [BRIO446] Avice de Clare (daughter of Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). Robert died c.1088.

Robert was tenant-in-chief in Berks, Lincs, Northants, Oxon, Suffolk, Staffs, Warks and Worcs at the time of the Domesday Survey. In particular he held 70 manors in Staffs, over 25 in Warks, over 20 in Lincs, 10 in Oxon, 1 in Worcs and 1 in Northants, besides claims in Lincs and Suffolk. Dugdale (1675). The origin for Avice's name is a memorial slab in Stone Abbey, transcribed in the time of King Henry VII, which lists all the de Stafford's in succession.

Robert died c.1088 and was probably buried at Evesham Abbey.

  Evesham Abbey
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[STAX442] Nigel de Stafford (son of Roger) was, in his own right, tenant-in-chief at the Domesday Survey, in Derbyshire.

[STAX441] Nicholas de Stafford (born c.1066, son of Roger) married (c.1090) Maud de Meolte. (The name Maud Moote appeared on her memorial slab at Stone Abbey.) He died c.1138.

[STAX452] Elena (daughter of Nicholas) married [GRES481] William FitzNigel de Gresley de Stafford (see GRESLEY).

[STAX451] Robert II de Stafford (born c.1101) married (c.1135) Avice (? de Clare). Robert died between 1178-85.

[STAX462] Millicent (daughter of Robert) married (before 1193) [BAGO391] Hervey Bagot ("a gentleman of an ancient family in those parts", see BAGOD LINE below), who then assumed the name de Stafford.


[BAGO361] Bagod of Bramshall.

[BAGO371] Bagod.

[BAGO381] Hervey FitzBagod.

[BAGO391] Hervey Bagot married [STAX462] Lady Millicent (see above). He then took the name "de Stafford".

[STAR471] William I de Stafford (born c.1195, younger son of Hervey Bagot), is described below under OTHER STAFFORD LINE.


[STAF471] Hervey FitzHervey (son & heir of [BAGO391] Hervey Bagot, see above) married (before 1214) [DERB392] Pernell (daughter of Earl William, see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM).

[STAF481] Robert de Stafford married 1. [CORB412] Alice Cofrbet (daughter & coheiress of Thomas de Corbet, see CAUS (CORBET) FEUDAL BARONY); then 2. Joan.

[STAF491] Nicholas de Stafford (son & heir of Robert & Alice) married 1. ---; then 2. [CLIN492] Eleanor (born c.1250, daughter of Thomas de Clinton, see CLINTON). He died during the siege at Droslan (Dryslwyn) Castle (about 1st August 1287).

[STAF501] Lord Edmund de Stafford (born 15th July 1273, son of Nicholas & Eleanor) married (1298) [BASS512] Margaret (daughter of Ralph Basset, see DRAYTON (BASSET) BARONY). Edmund died (by 1308), and afterwards Margaret married 2. Thomas de Pype.

[STAF519] Sir Ralph de Stafford (born 24th September 1301) married 1. [c.1320] [HASG512] Katherine (daughter of Sir John Hastang of Chebsey, Staffs, by Eve, see HASTANG); then 2. (c. July 1336) [GLO2512] Margaret (born c.1324, sole daughter & heiress of Earl Hugh, see GLOUCESTER (AUDLEY) EARLDOM). Ralph became 2nd Lord Stafford (1308), then a Knight Banneret (13th January 1327). He served in Scotland (1336 and 1337), and on 29th November 1339 he returned from France with King Edward III.

Sir Ralph fought at the Battle of Sluys (L'Ecluse) (23rd June 1340), which was a naval engagement at the mouth of the River Zwijn in Flanders. English and French ships were locked together while their archers and men-at-arms slaughtered each other on a floating battlefield. During the battle which raged for nine hours, 230 French ships were captured, and more than 20,000 men were slain. The English lost two ships and about 4,000 men. Sir Ralph was also present at the Siege of Vannes (1342) when he was captured, at the Siege of Lochmaben Castle (1343), and at the successful defence of Alguillon (1346) against John, son of King Philip of France.

Sir Ralph fought at the Battle of Crecy (26th August 1346) when an English army effectively annihilated a French army together with its supporting Flemish and German knights, and Genoese crossbowmen. For these actions Ralph was invested Knight of the Garter (23rd April 1348). He then took part in the Naval Battle off Winchelsea (29th August 1350). For his services he was created 1st Earl of Stafford (5th March 1350-51). Margaret died 28th January 1347-48, and Ralph died 31st August 1372. Both were buried at Tonbridge.

[STAF524] Margaret [born c.1320], daughter of Ralph & Katherine) married (c.1337-38) [STAR511] Sir John Stafford (see later).

[STAF523] Beatrice (daughter of Ralph & Margaret) married 1. (1350) Morice FitzMorice, 2nd Earl of Desmond; then 2. (1359) [ROOS522] Lord Thomas (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY).

[STAF525] Joan (born c.1330 (daughter of Ralph & Katherine) married [BEKE501] Nicholas Beke (see BEKE).

[STAF525] Hugh de Stafford (born c.1344, 2nd & youngest son of Ralph), 2nd Earl of Stafford (1372), married Philippa de Beauchamp (daughter of Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick). Hugh died 15th October 1386.

[STAF535] Katherine (born c.1376, daughter of Hugh) married (1383) Michael de la Pole, 6th Earl of Suffolk.


[STAR471] William I de Stafford (born c.1195, son of [BAGO391] Hervey Bagot, see earlier under BAGOD LINE).

[STAR481] William II de Stafford (born c.1225), of Bagshall, married [VERN422] Edith (daughter of Warin de Vernon, see VERNON).

[STAR491] William III de Stafford (born c.1247), of Bagshall and Sandon, married either Ermentrude FitzWakelin or Cecily de Waure.

[STAR501] Sir William de Stafford (born c.1265), married a relative [STAF492] Isabel (born c.1270, daughter of [STAF481] Robert de Stafford, see above). William died 1307.

[STAR511] Sir John de Stafford (born c.1294), married 1. Elizabeth de Somerville; then 2. (1337-38) a relative of  [STAF524] Margaret (daughter of [STAF511] Earl Ralph, see above). John died c.1362.

[STAR521] Sir Humphrey Stafford ([born c.1340], son & heir of John & Margaret), of Amblecote, Bramshall & Perton, Staffs, married 1. [c.1360] [GREL442] Alice ([born c.1345], daughter & heiress of John de Greinville, see GREINVILLE-2); then 2. (c.1386) Elizabeth d'Aumale. He died at Abbotsbury, Dorset, (31st October 1413).

[STAR532] Elisabeth Stafford ([born c.1375], daughter of Humphrey & Alice) married [AUD2531] Lord John Audley (see AUDLEY (TUCHET) BARONY).

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