Revised 21/01/2020



The first 5 generations are "suspect".

[STAP401] Galfridas de Stapleton (born 954 at Staplyton, Normandy. He died in Staplyton, Normandy

[STAP411] Geoffrey de Stapleton (born 977 at Staplyton, Normandy). He died 1040 at Stapleton, Yorkshire.

[STAP421] Sir Galfridus de Stapylton (born 1010 at Staplyton, Normandy). He died 1060 at Stapleton, Yorkshire.

[STAP431] Sir Geoffrey de Stapleton (born 1040 at Stapleton, Richmondshire). He died 1090 in England.

[STAP441] Nicholas de Stapleton (born 1065 at Stapleton). He died 1130.

[STAP451] Randulf de Stapleton (born 1110 at Stapleton on Tees), married Agnes de Billingford (born 1120). Randulf died 1148 and Agnes died 1180

[STAP461] Geoffrey de Stapleton (born 1148 at Stapleton on Tees), married on his return from the Holy Land [CYPR462] Aline Penrodas, Princess of Cyprus Comnenus (born 1152, daughter of Isaakios Dukas Komnenos, see CYPRUS). Aline died 1193 and Geoffrey died c.1211.

[STAP471] Nicholas de Stapleton (born c.1190 at Stapleton), married Juliane de Wath (daughter of Robert de Wath). Nicholas died 1246 at Bedale. Or this generation possibly instead Roger.

[STAP481] Sir Nicholas II de Stapleton (born c.1225 at Hachilsay, Yorks), married [BASS492] Margery Basset (daughter of [BASS482] Miles Basset & Agnes Lascelles, see DRAYTON (BASSET) BARONY). Geoffrey died 31st October 1290 at Stapleton.

[STAP491] Sir Miles de Stapleton I (born c.1260, at Stapleton, Richmondshire), 1st Baron Stapleton, married 1. [BELU492] Sibyl Bellew (daughter of [BELU481] John de Bellew, Lord of Carlton, by Laderina Bruce, see BELLEW); then 2. Cecilia Joan de Tyndale. Miles was killed at the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314).

[STAP501] Sir Gilbert de Stapleton (born 1297 at Bedale, son of Miles & Sibyl), married [FITZ502] Matilda aka Agnes FitzAlan of Bedale (born 1298 at Bedale, daughter of [FITZ491] Sir Brian FitzAlan, see FITZALAN OF BEDALE). Gilbert died 12th August 1321 at Bedale. Agnes died 3rd November 1348 at Bedale.

[STAP511] Sir Miles de Stapleton II (born 1320 at Bedale) married 1. ---; then 2. (30th November 1350) [INGH512] Joan de Ingham (born c.1320 at Ellesmere, Salop, daughter & heiress of Sir Oliver de Ingham & Elizabeth la Zouche (see INGHAM), widow of Roger Lestrange of Knockin, heiress of Ingham; then 3. ---. Miles died 4th December 1364, of wounds received at the Battle of Auray (29th September 1364).

[STAP522] Joan de Stapleton (born c.1351, daughter of Sir Miles & Joan) married [PLAI521] John de Plaiz (see PLAIZ BARONY).