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[STON581] Oliver Stones (born c.1553), married Katherine --- and they probably had at least four children, as follows:

Hugh (baptised at Bolton, 13th February 1574-75);

Margery (mentioned in Oliver's will);

[STON591] Daniel (born at Sharples, baptised at Bolton, 23rd October 1591), married Jane Smethurst, see later;

Bartholomew (mentioned in Oliver's will).

Katherine died at Sharples (buried at Bolton, 7th June 1609). Oliver, a husbandman, died at Sharples also (buried at Bolton, 10th January 1609-10). Oliver's will was dated 8th January 1609, i.e. two days before he was buried, but was not signed, though properly witnessed. The value of his estate was 31. 4s. 2d.

[STON591] Daniel Stones (born 1591), husbandman of Bolton, married (by licence dated 31st July 1617) [SMET592] Jane Smethurst, of Bury, (born 1600, see SMETHURST-1). They had at least two children, baptised at Bolton, as follows:

John (born at Sharples, baptised 6th April 1607);

[STON601] Bartholomew (born at Sharples, 18th November 1618, baptised at Bolton, 21st November 1618), married Alice "Smeythurst", see later.

The family afterwards lived in Bury. Daniel Stones, husbandman, died at Bury (buried there 26th November 1644). There was an Obligation for Daniel's widow Jane and son Bartholomew (also a husbandman) to administer Daniel's estate, which was "priced" on 12th September 1646 at 372. 10s. 7d., including outstanding Debts owed to Daniel totalling 11. 10s. Interestingly, three of the assessors were Thomas Holt senior, Thomas Holt junior and James Holt; the Holt family having been prominent in the Bury area for a considerable time, having at one time held Gristle Hurst Hall, mentioned under SMETHURST.

[STON601] Bartholomew Stones (born 1618) married (at Bury, 1st June 1636) [SMEZ602] Alice "Smeythurst" (born 1622, see SMETHURST-2), both of this parish. They had seven children born at Bury and baptised there, as follows:

Richard (baptised November 1637);

Alice (born at Bridge, baptised December 1639);

Bartholomew (baptised 8th May 1642), probably never married.
Mr Bartholomew Stones, gentleman, died 28th February 1689-90 (buried at Bury, 1st March 1689-90). His will mentions his brothers Thomas and Timothy, and sisters Jane and Anne (the latter receiving 5), and various nephews and nieces;

Thomas (baptised 14th November 1644);

Jane (baptised February 1646-47);

Timothy (born 13th December 1649, baptised 20th December 1649);

[STON612] Anne (born 22nd June 1652, baptised 27th June 1652), married Allen Woods, see later.

Bartholomew died 24th May 1663 (buried at Bury, 26th May 1663) The Inventory of his estate, dated 1663 (which mentions his widow Alice) shows a value of 113. 12s. 4d., in marked contrast to that of his father. In the 1664 Hearth Tax survey for Bury, "Alis Stones" stated she possessed "4 harthes in my house". Her declaration, dated 24th September 1664, is deposited at the Lancashire Record Office [cat. DDKE/2/16/4]. Allice Stones "widow" died 23rd January 1695-96 (buried at Bury, 25th January 1695-96), which would have made her 73 years old, quite feasible as her daughter Anne (see next) died in 1738 at the age of 86.

[STON612] Anne Stones (born 1652, daughter of Bartholomew) married (at Bury, 23rd August 1670) [WODX611] Allen Woods (see WOODS).