Revised 25/01/2018


Storree LENG                           Agnes BODDY
Born 1874                              Born 21 Aug 1867
  at Kirkby Moorside                     at Sinderby

                                       Baptised 28 Oct 1867
                                         at Thirsk, Methodist

Parents Storree/Ann                    Parents Henry/Frances

Married 16 Apr 1906 at Pickhill, All Saints
Steel Smelter of St Pauls Middlesbro

Witnesses Joseph LLOYD            -
          Elsie BODDY             Agnes' sister
1881 Census  4826-68  Kirby Moorside, Piercy Street
Storree   Laing  H  M 52 labourer         Kirby Moorside
Ann       Laing  W  M 40                  Kirby Moorside 
Elizabeth Laing  D  U 15 domestic servant Kirby Moorside
William   Laing  S  - 12 scholar          Kirby Moorside
Annie     Laing  D  - 10 scholar          Kirby Moorside
Robert    Laing  S  -  8 scholar          Kirby Moorside
Storre    LAING  S  -  7 scholar          Kirby Moorside
Emma      Laing  D  -  5 scholar          Kirby Moorside
Alice     Laing  D  -  1m                 Kirby Moorside
1891 Census  3967-92  Kirkby Moorside, Fadmoor, Woolah House
George    Wood   H  M 59 farmer           Skiplam
          and family, plus servants incl
Storr     LENG   Sv S 16 farm servant     Kirby Moorside 
1901 Census  4552-92  Kirkby Moorside, Gillamore
John      Baxter H  M 72 tanner & farmer  Helmsley
Mary      Baxter W  M 60
John      Baxter S  S 23 
          and servants, including
Storree   LENG   Sv S 26 labourer, farm   Kirby Moorside
1911 Census      Middlesbrough, 20 Archibald Street
Storree   LENG   H  M 36 steelworker      Kirby Moorside    
Agnes     Leng   W  M 43                  Sinderby