Revised 29/04/2020



[SUTX401] Ketel de Sutton (born 1035, in Normandy).

[SUTX411] Siward de Sutton (born c.1055, at Holderness, Yorkshire, son of Ketel).

[SUTX421] Hervey de Sutton (born c.1079, at Sutton, Holderness, son of Siward), 1st Lord of Sutton.

[SUTX431] Hervey de Sutton (born c.1104, at Sutton -on-Trent, son of Hervey), 2nd Lord of Sutton.

[SUTX441] Hervey de Sutton (born 1140, at Sutton-on-Trent, son of Hervey), 3rd Lord of Sutton.

[SUTX451] Hervey de Sutton (born c.1168, at Sutton-on-Trent, son of Hervey), 4th Lord of Sutton.

[SUTX461] Rowland de Sutton (born 1195, at Sutton-on-Trent, son of Hervey & Elizabeth), 5th Lord of Sutton, married  [LEXI472] Alice de Lexington (daughter of Richard de Lexington & Matilda de Caux, see LEXINGTON).

[SUTX471] Sir William Sutton (born 1217, at Sutton-on-Trent, son of Rowland & Alice), married 1. Eva de Sutton; then 2. Lady Matilda van Brabant (born c.1216, at Warsop, Notts, daughter of Henry II, DUKE OF BRABANT & Marie von Hohenstaufen, which gives the appearance of an invented connection).

[SUTX481] Sir Robert Sutton (born 1241, at Dudley Castle, son of William & Matilda) married 1. Joanna; then 2. Lucy Bartram.

[SUTX491] Sir Richard de Sutton (born c.1260, son of Robert & either Joanna or Lucy)  married 1. [PATC492] .Isabella Patrick (co-heiress of Malpas, daughter of [PATC481] William Patric & [MALX473] Beatrice de Malpas, see PATRIC); then 2. Margaret. Sir Richard died bef. 1318.

[SUTX501] John de Sutton (born c.1286, daughter of Richard & Isabella), Lord of Dudley Castle, married [SOME502] Margery de Somery (see SOMERY). Sir John died c.1286.

[SUTX512] Katherine de Sutton (born 1310, son of John) married [HILX511] Sir Roger Hilary (see HILARY).