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The complicated relationships between Walter the deacon and Walter FitzOther
were finally unravelled by the author and historian, Katharine S.B. Keats-Rohan.

[TEDR321] Tedric [Theodoric] was said to have been a sub-tenant in Essex (though not yet located where) of Queen Ealdgyth 2nd wife of King Harold II Godwinson who was killed at the Battle of Hastings.

[TEDR331] Walter the deacon tenant-in-chief at the Domesday Survey, held Bowers Gifford, Bromley, Chesterford, Colne, Easton, Purleigh, Stow Maries and Wix (Essex). Of these, Bromley, Chesterford and Wix had been previously held by Queen Ealdgyth. He was also tenant-in-chief in Suffolk, holding Akenham, Bacton, Bildeston, Dagworth, Henley, Milden, Swilland, Thurlston, Westerfield, Westhorpe, Wetherden and Witnesham, and also had five houses in Ipswich.

[TEDR342] Edith (daughter of Walter the deacon) married 1. Ralph, Steward of Bury St. Edmunds, Lord of Lidgate (from 1087); then 2. Maurice FitzWalter (son of Walter FitzOther, see WINDSOR).

[TEDR341] Robert FitzWalter (son of Walter the deacon & Beatrice), Lord of Little Easton, and was in charge of Windsor Forest in the right of his wife (c.1115), and was thence also known as Robert of Windsor. He married [WIND342] --- [possibly Beatrice] (daughter of Walter FitzOther of Windsor, see WINDSOR). Robert died (by 1128), and his widow afterwards possibly married 2. Hugh de Waterville.

[TEDR352] Ralph FitzRobert (son of Robert FitzWalter) succeeded his maternal uncle Maurice de Windsor (c.1154), see WINDSOR, and thereby held Windsor, became feudal Lord of Lidgate (Suffolk), and became known as Ralph I de Hastings. He married Lescelina de Trailly.

[TEDR351] William de Windsor (son of Robert FitzWalter), Lord of Little Easton, married Hawise de Guerres (daughter of --- de Guerres, son of Richard de Guerres). He died 1161-62, and afterwards Hawise married 2. Gilbert de Picquigny; then 3. William FitzRobert.

[TEDR351] William de Windsor (son of William), Lord of Little Easton, succeeded his paternal uncle, Ralph FitzRobert aka Ralph I de Hastings, and held Windsor c.1154-64, dapifer of Bury St. Edmunds, and also held five knights fees, including at Lidgate and Blunham (Suffolk).  He possibly died c.1194.

[TEDR362] Robert de Hastings (born c.1125, son of William), Lord of Little Easton (c.1162). Robert (rather than his elder brother William) appears to have acquired the Hastings title from his paternal uncle Ralph I de Hastings. Robert married [c.1170] [FLAM362] Alice [or Maud] (born c.1153, daughter of Roger, see FLAMVILLE), possibly his second wife. He died c.1190.

[TEDR372] Alice de Hastings (born c.1173, daughter of Robert) married 1. Ralph de Cornhill (see CORNHILL), died 1199; then 2. (c.1199) [LOUZ381] Sir Godfrey (see LOUVAIN (2)).