Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas Beecroft LEE                    Hannah Maria SIMPSON
Born 4 Mar 1854 at Eccleshill          Born 6 Jul 1854 at Keighley
Bapt 26 Mar 1854                       Baptised 17 Sep 1854 
  at Eccleshill, St Luke                 at Keighley

Parents Thomas/Mary                    Parents Charles/Eliza

Married 3 Feb 1883 at Bradford, St. Peter
Dyer's labourer of Harper Buildings, Eccleshill; 
bride Weaver of Idle Road, Undercliffe
(Thomas' father : slubber; bride's father : warp dresser, deceased)
Witnesses Samuel Killingbeck WILLIAMS     -
          Richard Frederick FOWLE

Addresses :
1886    Keighley
1891    Eccleshill, Dudley Hill Road (stone mason)
1901    Bradford, Bolton, 3 Park Place (stone mason)
1911              17 New John Street (stone mason, hewer)

Children : 
Maud             b 1886 Keighley; m. (13/5/1910, Bradford, St Peter) Joseph Baines
1871 Census  4317-65  Keighley, West Lane
Charles       Simpson H    M 49 warp desser worsted Cononley
Eliza         Simpson H    M 50                     Keighley
Samuel        Simpson S    U 18 worsted overlooker  Keighley
Hannah Maria  SIMPSON D    U 16 worsted weaver      Keighley
Charles Henry Simpson S    - 12 worsted spinner     Keighley
Fred          Simpson S    - 10 worsted doffer      Keighley
Mary Ellen    Simpson D    -  7 scholar             Keighley
1881 Census not found
1891 Census  3651-61  Eccleshill, Dudley Hill Road
Thomas B      LEE     H    M 37 stone mason         Eccleshill
Hannah M      LEE     W    M 36                     Keighley
Maud          Lee     D    -  4 scholar             Keighley
Mary          Simpson Sr/L ? 29 rover in mill       Eccleshill
1901 Census  4154-90  Bradford, Bolton, 3 Park Place
Thomas B      LEE     H    M 47 stone mason         Eccleshill
Hannah M      LEE     W    M 46                     Keighley
Maud          Lee     D    - 14 worsted spinner     Eccleshill
Alice M       Lee     Bd   S 33 worsted weaver      Bramley [not identified]
1911 Census          Bradford, 17 New John Street
Thomas B      LEE     H    M 57 stone mason hewer   Eccleshill
Annie Maria   LEE     W    M 56                     Keighley
Maud          Baines  D    M 24                     Eccleshill
Joseph        Baines  S/L  M 23 blacksmith          Jarrow DUR
Aldous        Baines  G/S  -  1m                    Bradford