Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas BODDY                           Elizabeth LAYCOCK
Born 1843                              Born 1849
  at Esholt                              at Utley

Parents Thomas/Mary                    Parents Michael/Martha

Married 21 Feb 1879 at Bradford, St Peter
Overlooker of Weavers of 35 Butler Street; father : greengrocer;
bride Worsted Stuff Weaver of 9 Burrow Street; father : farm labourer

Witnesses Evis Ethelinda FITTON
          John HORTON

Died February 18 1905 (age 62)(widowed) Died before 1905
  at Rhode Island Hospital
     Providence RI
Bu'd 1905
  at Bellevue Cemetery, Lawrence MA 

Addresses :
1879    Bradford, 35 Butler Street (weaving overlooker)
1881    Little Horton, 15 Bower Street (weaving overlooker)
1905    Rhode Island RI
1851 Census  2287-699  Keighley, Utley, Green Head
Michael       Laycock H   M 40 ag lab              Kildwick
Martha        Laycock W   M 43                     Keighley
Joseph        Laycock S   - 16 app to mechanic     Keighley
John          Laycock S   -  9                     Keighley
Maria         Laycock D   -  6                     Keighley
Elizabeth Ann LAYCOCK D   -  1                     Keighley
1861 Census  3227-76  Keighley, Utley
Michael       Laycock H   M 52 ag lab              Keighley !
Martha        Laycock W   M 53                     Keighley
Maria         Laycock D   - 16 wstd factory worker Keighley
Elizabeth     LAYCOCK D   - 12 wstd factory worker Keighley
1871 Census  4321-36  Keighley, Oakworth, Utley, Green Head
Michael       Laycock H   W 64 lab  roads          Kildwick
Elizabeth     LAYCOCK D   U 21 reeler, wstd        Keighley
John          Laycock S   M 28 lab  wood yard      Keighley
Mary          Laycock D/L M 35                     Wakefield
Martha        Laycock G/D -  4m                    Leeds
1881 Census  4460-50  Little Horton, 15 Bower Street
Thomas        BODDY   H   M 36 weaving overlooker  Esholt
Elizabeth     BODDY   W   M 32 wstd wvr            Utley
Not located after 1881