Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas CARLTON                         Julia YARROW
Born 1857                              Born 1859
  at Carlton                             at Wrestlingworth (BDF)

                                       Bapt 3 Apr 1859
                                         at Wrestlingworth, St Peter

                                       Parents Thomas/Mary

Married 1878 at Wakefield Reg. Dist.

Addresses :
1879    West Ardsley
1881                 Low Street (quarry labourer)

Sarah            b 1876 East Ardsley
George           b 1879 West Ardsley


There were several Thomas Carltons and the one quoted below
in the 1876/71 Censuses may not necessarily be the correct one

1861 Census  1030-68  Weston Colville (CAM), Main Street
James          Carlton   H    M 33 gamekeeper          West Wratting
Caroline       Carlton   W    M 25                     Weston Colville
Charles        Carlton   S    -  7 scholar             Weston Colville
Thomas         CARLTON   S    -  5 scholar             Weston Colville
Belinda        Carlton   D    -  1                     Weston Colville
1871 Census  1593  Weston Colville
William        Mansfield H    M 27 ag lab              Weston Colville
Caroline       Mansfield W    M 37                     Weston Colville
Charles        Carlton   S/L  U 17 ag lab              Weston Colville
Thomas         CARLTON   S/L  - 15 ag lab              Weston Colville
Melinda        Carlton   D/L  - 11 scholar             Weston Colville
Mary Ann       Carlton   D    -  7 scholar             Weston Colville
1881 Census  4583-74  West Ardsley, Low Street
Thomas         CARLTON   H    M 24 quarry lab          Carlton nr Linton
Julia          CARLTON   W    M 22                     Wrestlingworth BDF
Sarah          Yarrow    D    -  4                     Lawnes Stanley
George         Carlton   S    -  2                     West Ardsley
1891 Census  3716-38  Morley, 23 Cross Street
Thomas         CARLTON   H    M 37 quarry labourer     Weston CAM
Julia          CARLTON   W    M 34                     Hatley BDF
George         Carlton   S    - 12 scholar             Ardsley
Ellen          Carlton   D    -  9 scholar             Ardsley
Susan          Carlton   D    -  6 scholar             Ardsley
Bertha         Carlton   D    -  3                     Ardsley
Sarah          Yarrow    D    S 14 piecer millhand     Wrenthorpe
Mary           Yarrow    Mr/L W 70                     Enfield
1901 Census  4253-65  Morley, New Park Street
Thomas         CARLTON   H    M 47 quarryman sawyer    Weston Colville CAM
Julia          CARLTON   W    M 44                     Wrestlingworth BDF
George         Carlton   S    S 21 stone quarry        Tingley
Ellen          Carlton   D    S 19 woollen w weaver    Tingley
Susan          Carlton   D    S 16 woollen piecener    Morley
Bertha         Carlton   D    S 13 woollen piecener    Morley
Arthur         Carlton   D    -  4                     Morley
Mary           Yarrow    Mr/L W 80                     Enfield ESS
1911 Census     Morley, 20 Cross Street
Julia          CARLTON   H    W 53                     Tadlow Gate CAM
George William Carlton   S    S 32 delver stone quarry West Ardsley
Ellen          Carlton   D    S 30 weaver cloth mill   West Ardsley
Susan          Carlton   D    S 26 weaver cloth mill   Morley
Bertha         Carlton   D    S 24 weaver cloth mill   Morley
Arthur         Carlton   S    - 14 piecener cloth mill Morley
Gladys         Carlton   Nc   -  1                     Morley