Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas George KING                     Emilia BAXTER
Born 1851                              Born 26 Jan 1856 at Eccleshill

Parents Benjamin/                      Parents Joseph/Hannah

Married 26 Jun 1878 at Eccleshill, St Luke
Manager at Dye Works of Manningham; bride of Greengates
(Thomas George's father : warehouseman; Emily's father : unreadable)

Witnesses James BAXTER            Emily's brother
          X KING                  -

Died 6 Apr 1879 (age 28)               Died 20 Dec 1885 (age 29)
  at Manningham, 15 Thorn Terrace        at Greengates, Apperley Bridge

Bu'd 7 Apr 1879 (grave 17H)            Buried 23 Dec 1885 (grave 18H)
  at Eccleshill, Congregational          at Eccleshill, Congregational

Remarks :
Emilia afterwards married 2. William Mortimer

Addresses :
1881    Eccleshill, 4 Greengates Road (Emily, widow)

Children :
Annie            b 1879 Eccleshill
1851 Census, 2288-438  Hebden Bridge, Stansfield, King Street
Benjamin King   H  M 38 silk dresser        Halifax
Sarah    King   W  M 37 house keeper        Halifax
Edna     King   D  U 13 mule piecer         Halifax
William  King   S  U  9 scholar             Halifax
Emily    King   D  U  4 scholar             Halifax
George   KING   S  U  2m                    Halifax
1861 Census  3232  Hebden Bridge, Stansfield, King Street
Benjamin King   H  M 48 silk dresser        Northowram
Sarah    King   W  M 47                     Sowerby 
Mark     King   S  U 21 silk dresser        Sowerby
Emily    KING   D  U 14 factory girl        Sowerby
William  King   S  U 19 warehouseman        Sowerby
Thomas G KING   S  U 10 scholar             Sowerby
1871 Census  4504  Calverley, Bolton, Lister Lane, The Mount Cottage
Benjamin King   H  M 58 warp dresser        Halifax
Sarah    King   W  M 56                     Halifax
Emily    King   D  U 23                     Hebden Bridge
Thomas G KING   S  U 20 stuff dyer's clerk  Hebden Bridge
1881 Census  4477-24  Eccleshill, 4 Greengates Road
James    Baxter H  M 30 wln wstd mfr        Eccleshill
Hannah   Baxter W  M 31                     Gildersome
Edith    Baxter D  -  3                     Eccleshill
Hannah M Baxter D  -  1                     Eccleshill
Emily    KING   Sr W 25 annuitant           Eccleshill
Annie    King   Nc -  1                     Eccleshill
1891 Census  3652-4  Eccleshill, 1 Albion House
Sarah    Holmes H  W 47 living on own means Bradford
         and family  plus :
Annie    King   Bd - 11 scholar             Eccleshill