Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas HARRISON                        Martha HEARON

Born 14 Dec 1844                       Born 1846
  at Stanningley                         at Newton Wilberfoss

Bapt 17 Jun 1849                       Baptised 14 Apr 1846
   at Calverley, St Wilfrid              at Wilberfoss, St John Baptist

Parents Thomas/Martha                  Parents John/Hannah

Married 10 Mar 1868 at Woodhouse, St Mark
Railway clerk of New Wortley; bride of Crossfield Street
(Thomas' father : shopkeeper; bride's father : farmer)

Witnesses Dinah HEARON          Martha's sister
          William SMITH         Martha's sister Mary's wife

Died 1891 (age 46)
  at Stanningley, Barnes Place

Bu'd 21 Oct 1891
  at Pudsey, St Paul

Addresses :
1871    New Wortley 1 Albert Prince Street (green grocer and
                                            dealer in china and glass)
1881    Stanningley [Pudsey] Richardshaw Lane (grocer and hosiers clerk)
1886-90                      Richardshaw
1891                         48 Richardshaw
1891                         (accountant)
1891                         11 Tetley Square (clerk out of employ)
1891                         Barnes Place, Varley Street

Children :
Henry b Stanningley; c 21/4/71 St Paul (6w); m. (Calverley, 21 February 1891) Annie Elizabeth Wilson


1851 Census  2357  Newton upon Derwent
John             Hearon H M 39 farmer Newton upon Derwent
Hannah           Hearon W M 37 farmer's wife      Scrayingham
George           Hearon S - 11 scholar            Scrayingham
Robert           Hearon S -  8 scholar            Scrayingham
Mary             Hearon D -  7 scholar            Scrayingham
Martha           HEARON D -  5 scholar            Scrayingham
Dinah            Hearon D -  1                    Scrayingham
1861 Census
Martha HEARON not found
1871 Census  4533-41  New Wortley, 1 Albert Prince Street (pa. St John)
Thomas           HARRISON H   M 26 green grocer & dealer
                                         in china & glass Stanningley
Martha           HARRISON W   M 25                        Newton-on-Derwent
1881 Census  4484-126  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw Lane
Thomas           HARRISON H   M 36 grocer & hosiers clerk Pudsey
Martha           HARRISON W   M 35 grocer's wife          Newton-on-Derwent
1881 Census  4484-107  Stanningley (Pudsey), Park Row
Dinah            Harrison W   M 31 labourer's wife        Newton-on-Derwent
                 and family also:
Henry            Harrison Nw  -  9 scholar                Pudsey
1891 Census  3658-43  Stanningley (Pudsey), 11 Tetley Square
Thomas           HARRISON H   M 46 clerk out of employ    Pudsey
Henry            Harrison S   M 19 lab in iron foundry    Pudsey
Annie  Elizabeth Harrison D/L M 19                        Malton
1891 Census  3652-44  Idle, 40 Windhill Road
Joseph           Kendall  H   M 37 cloth fuller           Idle
Alfred           Kendall  S   S 18 mule piecer            Thackley
John             Kendall  S   S  6                        Thackley 
Annie            Kendall  D   S  3                        Thackley
Martha           HARRISON Vis M 45 sick nurse             Newton on Derwent
1901 Census
Martha           HARRISON not found