Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas HARRISON                        Mercy BRISTOW
Born 27 Apr 1812                       Born 1822
  at York                                at Wheldrake

Bapt 2 May 1812
  at York, St Michael le Belfrey

Parents Thomas/Mary                    Parents Joseph/

Married 19 Dec 1852 at Leeds, St Peter
Cooper; both of Marsh Lane
(Thomas' father : cooper; bride's father : labourer)

Witnesses Christopher HARRISON    Thomas' brother
          Edwin MOORE             parish clerk

Addresses :
1861    York, Gate Fulford, Whitby Terrace (cooper)
1871                        1 Whitby Street (cooper)
1881                        1 Whitby Terrace (cooper)

Children :
John W           b 1857 York
Joseph           b 1864 York
1841 and 1851 censuses no trace of Mercy
1861 Census  York  Gate Fulford, Whitby Terrace
Thomas HARRISON H   M 38 cooper York
Mercy  HARRISON W   M 39        Wheldrake
John W Simpson  Vis -  6        York
1871 Census  4753-53  York  Gate Fulford, 1 Whitby Street
Thomas HARRISON H   M 58 cooper York
Mercy  HARRISON W   M 49        Wheldrake
John W Harrison S   - 14        York   [query son of Thomas' brother Michael]
Joseph Harrison S   -  7        York
Mary   Harrison Sr  U 65        Sutton
1881 Census  4726-13  York  Gate Fulford, 1 Whitby Terrace (pa. St Lawrence)
Thomas HARRISON H   M 69 cooper York
Mercy  HARRISON W   M 60        Wheldrake
       and boarders
1891 Census not found