Revised 27/07/2019


Thomas Henry THORNBER                  Annie DARBYSHIRE
Born 1869                              Born 2 Mar 1877
  at Colne (LAN)                         at Cheadle (CHS)

                                       Baptised 29 Apr 1877
                                         at Cheadle, St Mary

Parents Thomas/Sarah                   Parents William/Ann

Married 29 Apr 1899 at Cheadle, St Mary
Gentleman; both of Cheadle, Brookside

Witnesses Geo H HATTERSLEY        -
          Sarah Frances THORNBER  Thomas Henry's sister

Died 1907 (age 36)                     Died 1912 (age 35)

Bu'd 27 Dec 1907                       Buried 25 Nov 1912
  at Cheadle, Cemetery                   at Cheadle, Cemetery

Addresses :
1901    Cheadle, Brookside Farm

Children :
Thomas Ellis     d 5/8/1901 (22d); buried 7/8/01 Cheadle
1871 Census  4157-167  Colne (LAN) Vivary Bridge
Thomas           Thornber   H   M 30 cotton spinner          Colne
Sarah            Thornber   W   M 24                         Manchester
Thos Hy          THORNBER   S   -  1                         Colne
Edward Baker     Thornber   S   -  4m                        Colne
Margaret         Walton     Sv  U 64 cook                    Colne
Eleanor          Close      Sv  U 33 nurse                   WES
Elizabeth        Waddington Sv  - 16 house maid              LIN
1881 Census  4163-102  Colne, Vivary Bridge
Thomas           Thornber   H   M 40 retired cotton spinner  Colne
Sarah            Thornber   W   M 34                         Manchester
Horace           Thornber   S   -  6 scholar                 Colne
Sarah Frances    Thornber   D   -  4                         Colne
Cyril            Thornber   S   -  3                         Colne
Alice            Thornber   D   -  1                         Colne
Annie            Scott      Sv  U 29 cook                    Nantwich CHS
Maryann          Seymour    Sv  U 26 nurse                   Washingbro' LIN
Annie            Gilbert    Sv  U 19 servant                 S Lincoln LIN
1881 Census  3956-17  Broughton (LAN), 19 Northumberland Street
Joseph           Bell       H   M 40 schoolmaster
                 and family, plus scholars  including :
Thomas H         THORNBER   Bd  - 11 scholar                 Colne
1891 Census  3380-63  Colne, Vivary Bridge House
Thomas           Thornber   H   W 50 living on his own means Colne
Mary             Gibbons    Hk  S 45 gen servant             Bury
1891 Census  3170-60  Rusholme (LAN), Wilmslow Road, Westbourne
Nathaniel        Barker     H   W 85 living on his own means Manchester LAN
Thomas H         THORNBER   G/S S 21 commercial clerk        Colne LAN
                 other Thornber siblings                     Colne
1901 Census  2725-66  West Bromwich (STS), 166 Beeches Road
Thomas           Thornber   H   W 61 living on own means     Colne LAN
Cyril            Thornber   Nw  S 23                         Colne
1901 and 1911 Censuses Thomas and Annie not located
1911 Census    Stockport, Cheadle Heath, Ellesmere Road, The Willows
Annie            Thornber   H   W 32 private means           Brookside Farm
Dorothy          Thornber   D   - 11 school                  Cheadle [birth not located]       
Thomas  Frearson Thornber   S   -  8                         Cheadle [born 1902]
Nora             McGreggor  Sv S 18 domestic servant         Liverpool LAN