Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas PEARCE                          Lizzie GAZZARD
Born 1869                              Born 1865
  at Plymouth (DEV)                      at Kelvedon (ESS)

                                       Baptised 7 Jan 1865
                                         at Kelvedon, St Mary Virgin

                                       Parents Henry/Mary Ann

Married 1887 at Plymouth (DEV) Reg. Dist.
                                       Died 1896 age 31 "Elizabeth"
                                         at Devonport (DEV) Reg. Dist.

Remarks :
Their 3 children (see below) brought up by Walter/Eliza Gazzard after their mother 
died shortly after the birth of "Lizzie"

Children :
Walter              known as 'Harold'
Elsie Laura         b 20/9/92 Devonport; m. (1921, Feering) William Thomas Parker
Elizabeth Ethel G   b 1896 Devonport "Lizzie"; m. (1927, Willesden) Henry Nottingham
1891 Census  1728-6  Plymouth (DEV), Charles, 26 St Judes Place
Thomas      PEARCE  H  M 23 steward in Royal Navy Plymouth DEV [m. (1887, Devon) Elizabeth Gazzard]
Elizabeth   PEARCE  W  M 24                       Kelvedon ESS
1901 Census  1724-978  Kelvedon (ESS), Brunswick House
Fanny       Gazzard H  S 27 living on own means   Kelvedon
Elsie       Pearce  Nc -  8                       Devonport DEV
Harold      Pearce  Nw -  6                       Devonport DEV
Lizzie      Pearce  Nc -  4                       Devonport DEV
Harry       Gazzard S  -  3                       Kelvedon
1911 Census         Kelvedon, London Road
Fanny       Gazzard H  M 36 private means         Kelvedon
Mary Ann    Gazzard Mr W 74 old age pensioner     Messing
Harold      Pearce  Nw - 16 milkman               Devonport
Elizabeth   Pearce  Nc - 14 school                Devonport
Harry       Gazzard S  - 12                       Kelvedon
1911 Census         Coggeshall
Frank       Beard   H  M 58 retired brewer        Coggeshall
Annie       Beard   W  M 64                       Huntingdon HUN
            and family, plus
Elsie       Pearce  Sv S 18 housemaid             Kelvedon !