Revised 25/01/2018


Thomas SMITH                           Betsy BODDY
Born 1827                              Born 1832
  at Ovenden                             at Chapel House

                                       Baptised 21 Mar 1832
                                         at Conistone in Craven, St Mary

Parents Isaac/                         Parents Gill/Elizabeth

Married 6 Feb 1851 at Bradford, St Peter
Sorter; bride Dressmaker (age 19); both of Bowling
(Thomas' father : weaver; bride's father : farmer)

Witnesses William HOLMES          parish clerk
          Ephraim SMITH           parish clerk
                                       Died 1912 (age 79)     
                                         at Wharfedale Reg. Dist
Addresses :
1851    Bowling, Shoesmiths Houses (woolsorter)
1861    Bradford, Wibsey (grocer & tea dealer)
1871    North Bierley, School Street (grocer) 
1880    Bradford Moor ?
1881    North Bierley, School Street (grocer)
1891-99 Low Moor, Park House (retired grocer & draper)
1900-11                      (retired grocer & draper)

Children :
Gill Boddy           Smith b 1851 Bradford
Albert Edward Arthur Smith b 1854 Low Moor
Annie Augusta        Smith b 1856 Low Moor; m. (1883) Jacob Humphries
Frederick W          Smith b 1858 Low Moor
Emily                Smith b 1862 North Bierley
Clara                Smith b 1868 North Bierley
Laura Elizabeth      Smith b 1870 North Bierley
1851 Census  2305-72  Bowling, Shoesmiths House
John             Maude H   M 30 dyer                    Shelf
Mary A           Maude W   M 30                         Birkenshaw
Thomas           SMITH Lr  M 24 woolsorter              Ovenden
Betsy            SMITH Lr  M 19 dress maker             Gargrave
1851 Census  2302-190  Northowram, Mistle Grove
Elizabeth        Boddy H   W 57 annuitant               Yorkshire [should be Patchett]
Thomas           SMITH S/L M 24 wool sorter             Yorkshire
Betsy            SMITH D   M 19 dressmaker              Yorkshire
1861 Census  3312-53  Wibsey, School Street
Thomas           SMITH H   M 33 grocer & tea dealer     Ovenden
Betty            SMITH W   M 29                         Gargrave
Gill Boddy       Smith S   -  9 currant dresser         Bradford
Albert Ed. A     Smith S   -  6 scholar                 Low Moor
Annie Augusta    Smith D   -  4 scholar                 Low Moor
Frederic William Smith S   -  2                         Low Moor
1871 Census  4439-39  North Bierley, School Street
Thomas           SMITH H   M 43 grocer                  Halifax
Betsey           SMITH W   M 38 grocer's wife           Gargrave
Gill B           Smith S   U 20 grocer's son            Bradford
Albert E A       Smith S   - 16 grocer's son            North Bierley
Annie A          Smith D   - 14 scholar                 North Bierley 
Frederic W       Smith S   - 12 scholar                 North Bierley
Emily            Smith D   -  9 scholar                 North Bierley 
Clara            Smith D   -  3 scholar                 North Bierley
Laura E          Smith D   -  5m                        North Bierley 
1881 Census  4433-55  North Bierley, School Street
Thomas           SMITH H   M 53 grocer's asst           Halifax
Betsy            SMITH W   M 49                         Gargrave
Annie            Smith D   U 23 grocer's asst           N Bierley
Frederick W      Smith S   U 22 grocer's asst           N Bierley
Emily            Smith D   U 18 grocer's asst           N Bierley
Laura            Smith D   - 10 scholar                 N Bierley
1891 Census  3613-160  Low Moor, Park House
Thomas           SMITH H   M 63 retired grocer          Ovenden
Betsy            SMITH W   M 59                         Kilsey
1901 Census   4176-35  Low Moor, Park House
Thomas           SMITH H   M 73 retired grocer & draper Halifax
Betsy            SMITH W   M 69                         Conistone
Maria            Smith Sv  S 24 domestic                Clayton?
1911 Census           Low Moor, Park House
Thomas           SMITH H   M 84 retired grocer & draper Halifax
Betsy            SMITH W   M 79                         Chapel House Kilsey