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The reputed time spans between generations will be noted

[MEUD291] Ainer (born 875, son of [BIGE262] Count Lopo Lopez of Gascony, see BIGORRE), Vicomte de Lavedan.

[MEUD301] Fortanier (born 945), Vicomte de Lavedan, married Wisola de Mauleon (born 965).

[MEUD311] Geoffrey de Meuleon (born 1000), Vicomte des Landes et Soule.

[MEUD322] Aremgarde (born 1030, daughter of Geoffrey) married [THOU329] Vicomte Aimery IV (see THOUARS below).



[THOU261] Geoffroy I, Vicomte de Thouars in Poitou.

[THOU271] Aimery I (probably son of Geoffrey), Vicomte de Thouars, married Aremburge. He died 934.

[THOU281] Aimery II, Vicomte de Thouars (by 955), married 1. Alienor de Hardouine; then 2. Hildegarde.

[THOU291] Herbert I (son of Aimery II & Alienor), Vicomte de Thouars, married [AUNA292] Aldearde d'Aunay (daughter of Vicomte Cadelon III, see AUNAY). He died c.988, and afterwards Aldearde married 2. [ANGO311] Count Arnold mancer of Angouleme (see ANGOULEME COUNTY).

[THOV301] Raoul I (son of Herbert I), Vicomte de Thouars (1005), married 1. ---; then 2. Aremburge/Asceline. He died 1014.

[THOV312] Aldearde (daughter of Raoul I & his 1st unnamed wife) married [LUSI331] Count Hughes IV (see LUSIGNAN).

[THOU301] Savary III (son of Herbert I) was Vicomte de Thouars.

[THOU311] Geoffroy II (born 990), Vicomte de Thouars in Poitou, married 1. (after 1015) Aldearde; then 2. (c.1020-30) Eleonore. He died 1055.

[THOU329] Aimery IV (born c.1024, son of Geoffrey II & Eleonore), Vicomte de Thouars, was present at the Battle of Hastings. He married 1. [MEUD322] Aremgarde (sister of Raoul & Geoffrey de Mauleon, and daughter of Vicomte Geoffrey, see LAVEDAN above); 2. Marie; then 3. Ameline. Aimery was murdered (1093).

[THOU334] Eleanore (daughter of Aimery IV & Aremgarde) married (1075) [CHAT331] Boson II de la Rochefouchard (see CHATELLERAULT).

[THOU333] Hildegarde (daughter of Aimery IV & Aremgarde) married (before 1060) [LUSI351] Hughes VI (see LUSIGNAN).

[THOU332] Geoffroy III (son of Aimery IV & Aremgarde) was Vicomte de Thouars. He married Ameline, and died c.1123 (age 83+).

[THOU342] Aimery VI, Vicomte de Thouars, married [AQUI369] Agnes (daughter of DUKE WILLIAM IX, see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM). Aimery was killed in battle (1127), and afterwards Agnes married 2. (at Jaca, 1135) Ramiro II, King of Aragon (1134-37). Agnes died 1157.

[THOU352] Geoffroy V, Vicomte de Thouars, married [LUSI372] Aimee (daughter of Seigneur Hughes VI, see LUSIGNAN). He died c.1151.

[THOU362] Guy, Vicomte de Thouars, married 1. (1199) [RICH383] Countess Constance (her third marriage, daughter of Earl Conan IV, see RICHMOND EARLDOM), died at Nantes, Brittany, in childbirth (September 1201); then 2. (c.1203) Eustachie (daughter of Pierre d'Argenton). Guy died at Chateau de Chemille (23rd April 1213), and 12 years later was buried at the Abbaye de Notre-Dame, Villeneuve-les-Nantes, (24th November 1225). Afterwards Eustachie married 2. Renaud de Maulevrier, and she died some time after 1244.

[THOU372] Alix (daughter of Guy & Constance) married (1213) [DREU411] DUKE PETER (see HOUSE OF FRANCE). Alix died (21st October 1221), and interestingly was buried 4 years later at the Abbaye de Notre-Dame, Villeneuve-les-Nantes, (24th November 1225).

[THOU373] Catherine (daughter of Guy & Eustache) married (1212) [VITR391] Andre III, Baron of Vitre and Aubigne (see VITRE).